Bizmobia Software: A Unified Approach for Client & Team Growth

There is no denying the fact that technology plays a vital role in business growth only if it is affordable and implemented effectively. A business can get caught in an incessant pool of ineffective tech solutions, spending millions of CAPEX and OPEX and days, months, or years on getting the desirable technology. Choosing the right tech partner becomes paramount to gaining the tech advantage, and Hyderabad-based BIZMOBIA Software can be one such partner.

BIZMOBIA is a product and services firm with a diverse portfolio. “We are into PAAS for food and grocery delivery solutions and digital ticketing solutions, and recently incorporated a FinTech solution”, says Mohammad Kalam, Founder & CEO, BIZMOBIA Software. He further adds, “We believe in the shared growth of our client partners and team members and provide a cooperative business environment". There are a host of exclusive and customized products and services offered by the company to serve its clients from various industries.

Robust & In depth Products & Solutions
The BIZMOBIA team has years of experience and is accomplished in producing robust and in-depth products and solutions. Take their ticketing solution, for example. By leveraging the digital ticket booking solution, the client partner can provide customers with online and offline ticket booking options. The ticket checkers need not have any additional hardware to verify the tickets. The company has developed a mobile app for ticket checkers to scan and verify tickets.

Along similar lines, their food delivery solution and grocery delivery solutions are easy to customize as per the client partner’s requirement and are affordable. These solutions have become a potent substitute for the expensive options available in the market.

The company has entered the FinTech space and offers e-Wallet and payment gateway solutions. These are developed using the latest technologies with an acute focus on security. E-wallet has all the features like bill payment, fund transfer, and crowd funding/Zakat payment. BIZMOBIA team has also developed a digital content management product called Kandle. Authors and publishers can use this to manage their digital audio, video, image, or text content for their subscribers.

On the other hand, salon and spa owners can leverage the AI-based Salon and Parlour Business Management Solution, where they can manage customer profiles and inventory and get queries about customer loyalty and retention, and organic growth within the platform.

BIZMOBIA is into PAAS for food & grocery delivery solutions & digital ticketing solutions, & recently incorporated a FinTech solution

All Encompassing Services
Apart from providing platform-as-a-service, BIZMOBIA also offers a range of services like enterprise software development, mobile app development, software maintenance, cloud product consultancy, and cloud service management, to name a few. These services are designed in tandem with the client partner’s wish to derive the best results from their product development endeavour. Here, asking the right questions is the key to successful product development. Understanding the client requirement and their POV of a good design becomes paramount. Importance is also given to the end customer as well as the aspirations of the product.

Once the product development begins, the BIZMOBIA team works as an integral part of the client partner’s team and provides continuous support to them. When the product is delivered, the team performs timely followups with clients to ensure that the delivered product meets their expectations.

It comes as no surprise that they have developed long lasting relationships with their client partners.

Equipped to Grow
Kalam gives due credit to his team, who have ensured that the client’s satisfaction is paramount. Here, he mentions BIZMOBIA’s CTO, Motiur Rehman, and his strong understanding of future tech trends. “He has helped us build world-class products because of his in-depth knowledge”, says Kalam. Mohammed Reyazuddin is another pillar of BIZMOBIA. He is the director of finance, who is adept at accounting and possesses good management skills to make the company financially stable. According to Kalam, the company’s backbone is Jyothi Srinivas, the Business Development Manager.

Today, the strength of BIZMOBIA lies in the 50+ employees who are deft at creating innovative solutions for client partners across the globe. Like any other company, BIZMOBIA had its share of ups and downs, but the team helped them sail through the rough waters. Kalam mentions that the journey so far has been exciting, and the challenges they faced as a company helped them grow stronger and faster.

After serving the untapped African market, which has massive potential for affordable tech solutions, BIZMOBIA is expanding its reach to other parts of the world. The company is eyeing the Middle East, European and Asian markets. The aim remains the same shared growth for all and helping clients reduce their CAPEX and OPEX.