Because the Art is to not in Making Money, but Keeping it

The Internet has been one of the most revolutionary and disruptive technologies in history, creating a major paradigm shift. It has had a profound impact on the way that consumers listen to music, watch movies, buy and sell products, and communicate. It has also had a hugely beneficial impact on investing, especially for retail investors. The wide availability of information is perhaps the biggest benefit that the Internet has had on investing.

Unlike before when potential investors had to only depend on brokers and intermediaries, Hundreds of websites now maintain and compile financial information for investors to analyze and understand. Also, Personal finance has seen significant changes in the last century. Technology has saved consumers an immense amount of time and money because everything is available to them through a click of a mouse, or the tap of a screen. It has also imparted a sense of control over how to budget and save, pay bills and spend. Several portals now offer the convenience of investing and transacting online in multiple products, though most are focusing on mutual funds as of now. Here's what you should know about managing your investments through these portals. Most independent investment portals, however, offer a wide range of options without additional charges, such as fee for opening an account or transaction charges for using these plat-forms. They make money through commissions earned from product manufacturers.

In this edition of SI, we bring to fore some of the most recommended and unorthodox financial planning website. These portals not only offer convenience, but also the benefits of zero cost and a wide range of options.

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