Making Strong Financial Moves

Not just payments but the entire financial sector witnessed digital infusion at an unprecedented speed. From payments to loan disbursement, from credit counselling to money talk, everything took the digital route. A wider reach and ease of life, digital financial services has indeed helped untap the true potential of existing banking & financial infrastructure. It has drastically improved the quality of service and has resulted in businesses realize revenue growth by reaching new market segments, and offering new products and services enabled by technology. Digital financial services also helps reduce cost for both companies and customers by reducing branch and transactional costs.

The advantage of digital financial services were reaped during the pandemic when the virus just locked all of us inside our homes and we were mostly dependent on our smart gadgets for all our financial transactions. Whether it's about getting education loan or home loan or car loan, whether getting our first credit card or just another one, whether it is about business loan or personal loan, the financial institutions just prepared themselves in the snap of the finger to offer the best of their services. However, securing the digital line is important and should be on the top of every financial institution's mind.

In our current edition of siliconindia, we bring to you `10 Most Promising Digital Financial Service Providers ­ 2020'. We researched for months on various financial institutions offering digital solutions and along with our team of experts comprising industry veterans and our Editorial Board together shortlisted and finalized the names. We present to you their offerings, strength, how much they prioritize data security and more. Read to know about them.

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