What Is The Role Of Mutual Funds In Financial System?

There is a cohesive answer to this. The foremost goal of a mutual fund is to assist investors in earning an income or building their wealth by participating in the opportunities available in various securities and markets through finances. The mutual funds distributors work to create awareness among the investors regarding the schemes present in mutual funds.

The mutual fund industry's AUM was Rs.37.56 trillion(Rs.37.56 lakh crore) as of February 28, 2022. The rising digital penetration, smart cities, and increased data speeds are th factors that facilitate the drift of asset shares toward smaller cities and towns. The increased retail contribution through SIPs shows the level of digital penetration in India and can be observed largely in financial space. As per analysis, the average assets under management (AAUM) of the Indian Mutual Fund Industry for February 2022 accounted Rs.38,56,140 crore.

The industry’s AUM had crossed the milestone of Rs.10 trillion (Rs.10 lakh crore) for the first time in May 2014. While in around three years, the AUM increased more than twofold, and in August 2017, it crossed Rs.20 trillion (Rs.20 lakh crore) for the first time. It was in November 2020, the AUM size crossed Rs.30 trillion (INR 30 lakh crore) for the first time. While latest in 2020 the industry's AUM was Rs.37.56 trillion (Rs.37.56 lakh crore) as of February 28, 2022. The total number of accounts (or folios, as per mutual fund parlance) as of February 28, 2022, also valued Rs.12.61 crore (126.1 million units).

The mutual fund distribution market is expected to face high competition and there is going to be rapid change in the portfolio of this industry. Thriving in the space there are many mutual funds and financial products distributors operating to serve diverse clientele. We in our current edition have made it hassle free task for you to avoid the dizzying array and choose the best many mutual funds and financial products distributors. Do read through and let us know what you think!