TRPW Strategic Partner: Providing Customized Business Planning & Structuring Solutions

Rajesh Kumar ,    CEOThe rising demand for financial experts in business has become evident given the current economic scenario in India. The concept of virtual CFO Service is witnessing a steady growth as startups are booming all over the country and the entrepreneurs necessitate adequate financial strategies in order to grow and add value to their companies. Thus the necessity to construct a suitable financial model, acquire compliance, review projects and reflect the founder’s vision in proper manner has emerged in order to communicate with investors. This is where TRPW Strategic Partners comes into the picture to create business planning and structuring solutions according to the specifications of the consumer organization. TRPW operates in a way that adds value to the corporates in a cohesive and responsive approach with the objective of being the financial partner of the client instead of just being consultants. CEO Insights magazine engages in a conversation with Rajesh Kumar, Managing Partner of TRPW Strategic Partners, in order to know more about the virtual CFO services and the core philosophies it is governed by.

Give us a brief overview of TRPW Strategic Partners. Also what are the important aspects of the company that distinguish you from your other similar competitors in the market?
TRPW Strategic Partners is an ISO 9001 2015 certified consulting firm in the field of finance accounts and audit. Financial strategy, audits and compliance are areas that we focus on. We provide customized business solutions through our industry experts in this domain. And specifically in virtual CFO domain, we focus on the needs of the entrepreneurs or CFOs to support in terms of managing their,
financial strategies, and ecosystem. The ecosystem manages overall structuring of business, long term and short term financial plans, so that the client organization can optimize their potential in best possible manner. We have the experienced team of professionals from different industries and operations. Our diversified experience is one of the things which is the key differentiator here. We have a very different approach in terms of providing the solutions and divergent perspectives.

In virtual CFO domain, we focus on the needs of the entrepreneurs or CFOs to support in terms of managing their, financial strategies, and ecosystem

In the recent years, the rapid technological transformation has been witnessed worldwide. So, if we talk in that perspective, what are the innovations or upgradation by means of technology that are now taking place in TRPW?
TRPW became a distinct consulting organization by launching one of the dedicated innovation centre in Gurgaon within a year after its inception. So, we have our dedicated a separate innovation centre. We recently have come up with automation of the audits with the help of our innovation centre. We have developed our inhouse software with which one can do virtual audit by sitting anywhere in India. Even for the virtual CFO roles we implement these kinds of automated solutioning in the organization so that they have the complete visibility and control of the system.The innovation centre is supporting in house to all our employees. Thus, any employee, whoever comes up with an idea, Innovation Centre converts their idea into reality.

Can you tell us about the future roadmap that is set ahead for TRPW strategic partners?
Apart from virtual CFO, we want to focus on entire solution in the finance, accounts and audit domain. In future, we want to come up with plenty of technology solutions in this domain, including the solution around blockchain and implementing some of these solutions around metaverse. And I still remember when we presented our business solution to one of India’s biggest brand with the long term vision including the auditbots. Certainly, this is a long journey to go. We are coming up plethora of solutions around technology. And we are expanding ourselves in the same domain, but with different kinds of solutions.