Vstogi Financials: Empowering Investors through Customized Business Planning & Management

Gaurav Sharma,  Managing Partner & CEO

Gaurav Sharma

Managing Partner & CEO

Over the years, there has been a growing awareness in India in terms of financial savings and investments to deal with future uncertainties and contingencies, especially after the pandemic. As a safer investment alternative due to asset diversification, the Mutual fund industry in India has been on a steep rise since the last decade, leading to cut-throat competition even in the distribution market. Various factors, such as Digitalization, Informed SIPs, SEBI’s active reforms, and increased advertisements by Mutual Funds SahiHai, have been driving the Indian mutual fund industry. AUM of the Indian Mutual Fund industry is currently valued at around Rs.41.62 trillion and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 22.5 percent by 2028.

However, due to some fraudulent activities of thousands of crores by various companies in the past, people are still hesitant to come on board as investors. People are still not aware of terms, such as SEBI, AMFI, AMCs, and other related terms, and are very conscious even of a legit investment. Since its inception in 2021, Vstogi Financials has been working on empowering investors by helping them become aware of different aspects of mutual funds while creating an investor safe environment. A leading investment intermediation company that offers comprehensive wealth management and investment solutions, Vstogi today is considered one of the top 3 distributors in its zone with the empanelment of all the AMCs in India.

Offering a Wide Range of Investment Options
Coming to flagship offerings, Vstogi specializes in mutual funds as its core domain. The firm also offers other investment options, such as Stocks, CG Bonds, Insurance, NPS, Corporate FDs, Medi Claims, and Gold Bonds, to its clients. Vstogi is well aware of the issues faced by clients due to form-based transactions and has integrated technology for seamless transactions that enables clients to get every detail of their investments or do the transactions themselves through the firm’s mobile application and web portal. The firm has its integration with the Bombay Stock Exchange for transaction clearing and postings.

Accredited to the prestigious DUNS directory of global businesses, the firm strictly avoids malpractices, such as frequent churning & reinvesting and passing false information about the funds.The firm believes in transparency, with the details regarding its share in the client’s investments being available on its website.The firm always educates its clients before investing and onboards them once they are fully convinced of the aspects.

Building & Maintaining Ethical Client Relationship
The client engagement process starts with Vstogi trying to understand the client’s need for investment. Once there is a clear idea regarding the client’s requirement, the team then proceeds further to gather various client
data, such as income structure, expenses, liabilities, assets, and many more, before performing a full risk profile of the client that can provide good returns without any financial juggle. According to Gaurav Sharma, Managing Partner & CEO of Vstogi, “Sometimes people want to invest as much as they can, even by cutting their daily monetary, which is not feasible. We keep in mind the well-being of our clients rather than greedy returns. Once the goal, time horizon, and expected target corpus data are acquired, we deliver transaction execution in relevant funds with as much diversification possible.”

In one of the recent instances, Vstogi helped two farmer brothers redeem their money. Both brothers got 50 lakhs each as part of their father’s death settlement. They approached the bank to invest in FD. However, the officials, unfortunately, invested them in mutual funds. One of them got the biggest shock of his life when he approached the bank after some months to liquidate the FD due to some urgent requirements and the officials couldn’t redeem them. For the unversed, the value of his 50 Lakhs went down to 46 Lakhs and the inexperienced official was unable to redeem that amount. Someone referred him to Vstogi, where the firm helped him redeem his amount as per the settlement within seconds.

Since its inception, Vstogi has been working on empowering investors by helping them become aware of different aspects of mutual funds while creating an investor-safe environment

An Effective Team to Drive the Company Forward
Coming to the team, Vstogi has an employee strength of 25 working from four different locations. The team at Vstogi comprises professionals with extended experience in their respective fields working collectively, both for the investor’s finance and organizational growth. The operations team looks after the daily transactions on three levels maker, checker, and approver, which reduces transaction errors to zero. While the Business Development Team is responsible for finding and integrating potential sub brokers in different regions, the BDM team takes care of the R&D and management. Vstogi also has in-house CAs to help clients with tax consultation and planning and managing their income tax returns free of cost. The firm also has impaneled RIAs to help clients choose the right funds and investment options. Vstogi periodically checks authorities to educate and trainits employees and associates about the new regulatory frameworks and guidelines.

Accomplishments & Future Roadmap
Starting with a SIP of Rs.1000, Vstogi has come a long way in just three years since its inception in terms of financial growth and client base, providing investment services to more than 1000 clients today. The firm currently transacts one crore in SIPs every month and has experienced a remarkable growth of around 200 percent in FY2022-2023. Gaurav initially was an investor before a bitter experience of bad investment by the agent made him realize the lack of information regarding investment among the public and motivated him to start Vstogi Financials. The firm started its operation with an investment of INR 5000 from Gaurav’s father as the first investor in the firm.

In the beginning, Vstogi had a tough time convincing new investors. Even the pandemic brought in a slew of fresh challenges for the existing investors in terms of redeeming their money as courier services got banned during that time. Even investors were not aware of the online process. Vstogi helped them redeem their money online, gradually building a brand identity. Over the years, the firm continued building its network of serviceable clients while investment inflows kept coming. Today, apart from its headquarter in Sawai Madhopur, Vstogi also has shared workspace at DLF Forum, Gurugram, and branch offices in Jhunjhunu and Jaipur.

Coming to the future roadmap, Vstogi has plans for expansion in Chandigarh and Mohali. The firm is also planning to register its main corporate firm as SEBI’s Registered Investment Advisor while working on helping people in rural and remote areas aware of the value of investments and opportunities through various educatory and training programs. The firm has sub-brokers from different regions in India working actively in the market and is empaneling foreign investment bankers to attract foreign investors in the Indian Mutual Fund industry.

Apart from the organizational goals, the firm also has been actively involved in various social activities, including recently sponsoring the POCSO Act, 2012 Activities by Lions Club, Jaipur South as well as spreading awareness against children sexual abuse in schools for the classes below 6th in Jaipur and nearby areas.