Reliance Securities Limited: Fastest-Growing Financial Services Business In India

Lav Chaturvedi,Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Lav Chaturvedi

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 2005, Reliance Securities Limited (R-Sec) is a leading capital markets business with an array of investment offerings across equities, derivatives, currency, IPOs, wealth management solutions, insurance products, mutual funds, bonds, and corporate FDs amongst others.

As India's first end-to-end digitally integrated financial services platform, Reliance Securities has consciously transited to the "Phygital" business model and introduced a series of digital initiatives under Systematic Digital Engagements (SDE), a single-window growth engagement concept, which is core to consumer engagements across all categories including advisory, research, transactions, education, training and awareness engagements. SDE has ensured completely paperless investment experience for customers.

The `Phygital' Model For A Variety Of Clients
Reliance Securities caters to every client need ­ right from aiding them to garner knowledge, insights and expert views to ensure faster, smoother, seamless and educated investments across asset classes. The state-of-the-art online trading platforms help clients execute trades quickly as well as seamlessly. These advanced trading platforms provide Robo insights, instant updates, analysed stock, aggregated news and real time quotes for clients to trade confidently.

Systematic Digital Engagements (SDE) For Creating Value
It has initiated IPs and analytically driven solutions under SDE for creating continuous value for customers, such as `Market Buzz' for stock investing, `Digilearn' a complete digital investor education initiative. The intuitive hi-tech trading platforms and digital tools enable customers to create a differentiated trading experience by enabling quick market identification and execution.

In the post-COVID future, the shift towards a distancing economy will alter the way clients handle their savings & investments with a greater need for informed decision making, rise in thematic investment needs, and demand for completely digital solutions for faster, smoother, and paperless experience. This change will trigger a trend of Systematic Digital Engagement (SDE) in the financial services industry with an end-to-end digitised and automatized services becoming the norm. Reliance Securities stands to have a first mover advantage with its unique SDE-growth model, which is providing all-encompassing, across-the-board and end-to-end digital experience for its clients

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Ma-Chine Learning (ML) Enabled Automatization
The trading and investing processes are backed by hi-tech predictive technologies for possible future events and investment strategies. Data analytics and artificial intelligence tools are used for asset rebalancing and asset allocation, across its wide array of investment and savings products. Additionally, cloud-based, Robo-advisory-enabled platforms, powered by 36 robots, provide personalised recommendations to users about investment and asset management.

Striving To Provide 100% Platform Uptime
Reliance Securities has been striving to provide unparalleled customer experience backed on strong technology. The resilience and robustness of trading systems is evident from our system uptime, end-to-end digital client onboarding, portfolio reporting.

Regtech For Seamless Compliance Processes
Application of regulatory technology (Regtech) has also enabled Reliance Securities to become one of the most compliant brokers in the category by speeding up and making compliance processes seamless.