KayOne Consulting: Providing Financial Strategy and Business Planning for Seamless Finance Management

Vignesh Anandarajan,     Director The demand for specialized services termed as CFO advisory, CFO consulting services or CFO services in India and around the world has been growing in the past few years but has accelerated even faster since the pandemic. As the country witnesses a series of entrepreneurial ventures, the demand for strategic expertise regarding finance and business planning is expanding in the market.Added to that, considerable technical expertise is also required in order to cope up with the advanced fintech platforms and the technologies they operate with. The industry needs a proper blend of financial acumen and technology in a service provider.

This is where KayOne Consulting comes in to help corporates in terms of financial intelligence, actual costing, working capital management and MIS reporting. Since its inception in 2017, the company has been providing CFO services, business valuations, due diligence and transaction advisory. In lieu of outsourcing CFOs, KayOne directly deploys CFOs from its team of experienced professionals to suit the requirements of the client. KayOne Consulting is currently headquartered at Chennai with a workforce of 20 finance experts.

Comprehensive Range of Services
KayOne helps the client organization streamline their finance functions with an extensive range of services including setting up policies and processes, working capital
management, cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting, pricing strategy and product mix and ongoing monthly MIS. KayOne’s virtual CFOs work with the client’s management team and provide strategic financial advice in order for the business to grow. Instead of conventional book keeping and accounting they encompass from investor reporting to compliance review,financial management, budgeting controls and transactional support. KayOne offers interim and part time CFO Service as well to help the client overcome financial crisis or operational change, preparation for a sale and the immediate need for CFOs.

As a CFO Service provider, we are industry agnostic. We have worked extensively with tech startups, traditional brick and mortar stores, manufacturing, retail and other industries

KayOne’s valuation advisory services analyse the client requirements with a multi dimensional examination of the business. Their cloud based accounting software integrated with Google Sheets, Zoho and Business Intelligent Tools enable the consumers to have access to live reports at any time irrespective of their geographical location. KayOne aims to make the system ‘process-driven’ by replacing traditional tally based accounting and financial management with cloud and blockchain technologies. KayOne’s team is armed with consultants who hold acknowledged credentials through various organizations such as CPA, IBBI and CVA. The workforce is trained to analyse key risks, value drivers and potential synergistic opportunities in the transaction. They possess notable experience in working with domestic and international clients to take value to optimum heights in transaction by ensuring seamless due diligence process.

Vignesh Anandarajan, Director of KayOne Consulting states, “As a CFO Service provider, we are industry agnostic. We have worked extensively with tech startups, traditional brick and mortar stores, manufacturing, retail and other industries. Some of our clients have stayed with us for more than 5 years right from the time they were a 10person team. Today some of these clients are considering filing for an IPO. So, we have been handholding our clients throughout the business lifecycle, and helping them navigate the challenges with ease”.

Speaking of the future, Vignesh further says, “As we grow our team is expanding and today, we have clients across the globe. We plan to setup offices/subsidiaries in other countries so that we can truly become a global company”.