21G Investment: Redefining Financial Success through Tailored Investment Approaches

Gaurav Verma,   Founder

Gaurav Verma


We live in a time when everyone is willing to invest their capital with the hope of getting more out of their investments. However, with the number of stocks options available to pick from, unstable market conditions, changing regulations, and the propensity for biased advice and misinformation, it is often advisable to seek a stock advisory service provider to navigate the intricacies of the financial markets. Amidst such obstacles, investors encounter difficulties in accessing reliable and transparent guidance, jeopardizing their financial stability. Recognizing these challenges, 21G Investment Advisers' emerge as a beacon of trust and expertise in the market. As a SEBI-registered corporate non-individual advisory company, they specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of investment advisory services tailored to meet the unique financial goals of their clients and their families.

At 21G Investments, the vision is to be accessible to all and client-friendly, positioning as a SEBI-registered investment company that sets the standard for wealth creation through innovative investment strategies and a comprehensive risk management framework. “Our mission is to provide quality investment expertise and customized services tailored to clients' unique financial goals and risk tolerance levels. We pride on our ability to identify niche businesses with long runways for growth and prioritize capital protection above all else”, speaks Gaurav Verma. The firm’s strategic initiatives such as onboarding small
case solutions before the market downturn in March 2020, underscore its commitment to leveraging technology to simplify the investment process for clients.

Tailored Solutions for Strategic Investment

The firm’s suite of services are tailored to provide strategic guidance in equity, gold, and silver investments, deliberately excluding other asset classes. With a focus on precision and efficacy, the firm offers four distinct small case solutions, centered around equity advisory, complemented by the recent introduction of the 21G Balanced Fund. This innovative fund amalgamates the Nifty index, gold, and silver, reflecting its forward-looking approach towards capitalizing on emerging market trends. Notably, the firm’s philosophy places a premium on capital preservation, exemplified by its proactive stance during market down turns, where it strategically transitions into cash positions to shield client investments. This prudent risk management strategy, coupled with occasional hedging maneuvers highlights its commitment to safeguarding client wealth amidst market volatility.

At 21G Investments, the partnership between Gaurav Verma and Alisha forms the cornerstone of the company's operations, with each specializing in distinct areas Alisha overseeing fundamental analysis while Gaurav focuses on technical aspects. Together with the adept team members who facilitate trading activities,the team fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence. Despite encountering challenges in the advisory business, the team remains steadfast in its commitment to team expansion, parti-cularly in sales and marketing, recognizing the critical role these functions play in driving growth. The firm’s approach to performance assessment, which emphasizes benchmarking its worst-performing fund against market indices, exemplifies its dedication to consistent and outstanding results.

Looking ahead, the firm charts a future course defined by a commitment to continual learning and refinement. Having embarked on its journey in 2007 with a primary focus on investing, the subsequent years witnessed a strategic shift towards trading, culminating in the development of five robust trading systems. This evolution reflects the paramount importance of risk management, enabling the generation of returns even in non-trending market conditions and providing a crucial hedge against downturns. The focus now pivots towards delivering tangible results for clients, with a steadfast dedication to sharing insights and strategies through various platforms, including social media. “By placing a premium on client success and emphasizing the principles of risk management, in future, we aim to continue forging ahead in the financial landscape, setting new benchmarks of excellence along the way”, signs off Gaurav Verma.