A&A Advisory Services: One-Stop-Destination for Quality, Authoritative Accounting Solutions

Aayush Bajaj,Co-Founder
Aayush Bajaj, Co-Founder

Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile, it just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings. This quote by Diane Garnick aptly tracks-down accounting essence in modern business world. Considered as the language of business, accounting accredits quantitative information, aids business magnates to make informed decisions and lays the plinth for healthy economical growth. Stationed in the economy for thousands of years, the concept today has reached new echelons of precision, automation and advancements. Hence, businesses entail error-free financial accounting and prompt bookkeeping solutions, providing which is New Delhi-based A&A Advisory Services, a one-stop-destination for all accounting and bookkeeping requirements.

Under the aegis of Aayush Bajaj (Co-Founder), 2017-founded A&A Advisory facilitates business’ financial stability through meticulous bookkeeping servicing and seamlessly navigates clients through the nuances of accounting standards. Owning mastery in accounting management, the company offers an array of services ranging from accounting and bookkeeping solutions to taxation, business modeling for
startups, valuation services for internal management purposes & fund raising, and individual & corporate training. While catering to national audience, A&A Advisory has winged its services in international ambit, a testament to which is the company’s partnership with a U.S.based company for delivering outsourced accounting services.

"As MNCs prefer receiving professionalism at par with international standards, we aim at delivering quality and commitment that is synonymous to such international standards"

Accurate & Authentic Assistance
What makes A&A Advisory clients’ favourite? It is the accumulated experience and expertise of 30 years that Aayush and his professional team brings into effect along with comprehensive approach they exhibit before undertaking an accounting proposition. Driven by expert CAs, CPAs (U.S.) and ACCAs, the company provides strategic accounting solutions and financial advisory depending on client’s requirements including US GAAP and IFRS stipulations. “As MNCs prefer receiving professionalism at par with international standards, we aim at delivering quality and commitment that is synonymous to such international standards,” avows Aayush. Oft times, businesses complain of complex accounting status, incompetence in interpreting required accounting standards and desire of upgrading to automation-enabled software solutions such as Quickbooks. In such situations, A&A Advisory’s in-house panel focuses on mitigating each quandary through overarching assistance. Exhibiting
this performance,the firm is evolving into a technically sound, quality focused, authoritative accounting company.

Besides offering value-added accounting and bookkeeping services, Aayush leverages his 3+ years of E&Y experience for outlining unparalleled Business Modeling and Valuation blueprint for startups to help them raise funds. Adding customization benefit to the frame, the company assists startups with step by step financial advisory, inclusive of company incorporation services, business modeling, valuation, accounting & bookkeeping and compliance & secretarial management, thus strengthening clientele trust.

Counting on Lucrative Prospects
Catering to a prestigious clientele portfolio nationally and internationally, A&A Advisory never stays calm while overhauling market trends. The company invests heavily in regular training for continuous upgradation, while Aayush magnifies through every development via continual reading. Be it U.S. GAAP segments, IASB releases, AICPA guidelines or ICAI guidelines, the company ensures that every dedicated professional walks shoulder to shoulder with changing market dynamics. Embodying such excellence, A&A Advisory has enlisted some major deals on its achievement panel and is actively aiming to triple its revenue growth in the future endeavours. Along with employing expansion plans in Bangalore and Mumbai, the company envisions becoming a relatively large investment banking firm hereafter.