Able Consulting: Focused on Building Strategic, Quality Practice with Global Presence

Manas Rindani,Business Advisor

Manas Rindani

Business Advisor

The obstacles of running a startup, a growing firm, or, for that matter, any firm, are immense. Managing a company's finances, complying with regulations, establishing corporate governance, and meeting strategic requirements are all critical activities that cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, every entrepreneur requires strategic counsel and day-to-day assistance to meet financial and technical accounting criteria. Able Consulting, a CFO services provider, assists businesses from their inception until they reach the status of a huge public company.

An entrepreneur with a growing company requires a strategic partner to lead and manage the financial parts of the company. Able Consulting, which was founded in 2018, provides all the services of a CFO, with the exception that the CFO will not be a full-time employee. Its CFO may not be on-site all the time, but he or she will always be available when the firm requires it. Manas Rindani, Business Advisor, Able Consulting says, "Able Consulting aspires to be extremely responsive, to provide their clients with individualized service and to provide the finest quality service possible at all times. Able Consulting has a high requirement, it approaches every interaction with the highest ethical standards and honesty, and it expects clients and partners to do the same."

CFO Services of Able Consulting
Able Consulting provides a wide range of
high-end financial services, including preparing for a capital raise, building business strategies, adopting systems and procedures, implementing budgeting systems, thorough financial health checks, due diligence, cash flow planning, cost management, exit strategy, investor relations, turnaround management, and more.

The company is certain that its global network for business, operational, legal, taxation and financial support would set it apart in the market. Distinguishing features of Able Consulting to grow at a significant pace are its Global Presence by owned offices or associates and affiliates, Business acumen of empaneled CFOs, Expertise in various fields directly benefiting the clientele and the Wide-spread network brings best practices suitable for clientele.

Able Consulting has worked with customers in a variety of industries, including eCommerce, retail, technology, digital marketing, education, renewable energy, warehouse management and logistics, SAAS enterprises, and more. Startups, family-owned businesses, PE-backed initiatives, public companies, and multi-nationals are among the clients.

Company's Team Strength
Able Consulting's strength is its team of four trained chartered accountants and a support staff of 19 executives, who have a combined consulting experience of approximately 30 years. The team is well-versed in the most recent legislation and regulations, it also has technological expertise, with a singular emphasis on the needs of the client.

For businesses of all sizes, the team provides a great mixture of classic and creative solutions. With extensive experience in relevant disciplines, the team guarantees to produce unrivalled quality in a timely manner, owing to their expertise in both international and domestic taxation.

Able Consulting's scalable and cost-effective methodology is ideal for startups, midsize businesses, and venture capital or private equity firms. Able Consulting is on a path of inorganic service model development that will assist organizations in the new normal, in the new normal post-pandemic requirements of enterprises, services will now comprise the following aspects:

To ensure a smooth workflow in the WFH environment, the finance function was virtualized, and cloud connectivity and data management were set up. Also, in organizations with no physical boundaries, setting up systems with checks and balances, as well as advance monitoring to ensure financial and operational discipline.