Accountri: Because Accountability Matters

Ram Meda,Founder & CEO

Ram Meda

Founder & CEO

By the nature of it, technology has always had a transformational quality. The PC was amazing, the internet was amazing. However, every IT revolution that took place in the past was a preface to the real revolution off the back of Cloud and new devices. Arguably, 'the cloud' is the technological advancement having the biggest impact on accounting. Traditionally, software were installed on individual computers, while data and reports were stored on hard drives and emailed to colleagues and clients. Whereas Cloud software, and all the results it produces, is housed on the cloud, making it more easily sharable within an organization. At the same time, it also makes it more affordable for a wider variety of businesses introducing a very essential element called accountability. Accountability must be built into a corporate culture given its significance in the operating rhythm of how high-performing companies work. However, due to disjointed communication between the stakeholders of any business, accountability is often lost.

Based out of Hyderabad, Accountri was built with a vision to retain accountability into an organization. While being a Cloud based accounting software at core, Accountri is still, a complete business management software with accounting as one of the modules that play a very vital role in maintaining the accountability factor in an organization. "It is a well-known fact that the accounting software market is booming and what we have developed as a product-Accountri is not only a future-ready software but also has many other features aligned that may not be found in any other software in the market", explains Ram Meda, Founder & CEO, Accountri.

Accountri's journey set sail in 2016 when a US-based technology and paralegal services firm of Indian origin, based in the US decided to setup operations in India. The Indian market opened doors to new possibilities, advanced creativity, innovation and scope for wholesome industry growth. The concerns, however, were the extensive compliance, legalities and governance. In order to comply with the evolving challenges, the company built one of its kind web-based platforms to bring accountability, visibility, trust and compliance to remote work. The web-based platform earned much recognition, so much so that a unique flagship product was branched out of this. This product led to an entirely new business of advanced innovation and exceptional creativity, giving way to Accountri. Ever since, Accountri has helped businesses get more done with one simple tool, thereby helping them save CAPEX, regulate enterprise-wide accountability, manage governance and generate meaningful ROI. The software can be integrated with other modules like finance, project management, billing & payments, invoicing. etc under one dashboard.

A More Significant Objective To Address
As the Founder reveled, besides streamlining the accounting process, the ideology was to create a platform that structures the accountability of an organization. In MSMEs, either 1 to 2 resources would handle all of HR, operations, finance, or the same resource may also act as secretary or assistant to the owner or CEO. Usually, enough emphasis is not given to non-revenue generation activities like operations and management & focus lies heavily in the functional area on which the
company is generating income. This leads to a lack of accountability of resources, in turn, resulting in low productivity and quality issues.

Evidently, Accountri is rich with such features and modules that help businesses achieve accountability & save time. The software has also been recorded to have increased the productivity by almost 30 percent. This one-stop software solution for every business is looking towards increasing production resulting in better ROI of resources. Complete business management software, Accountri channelizes organizational workflow, simplifies admin functions and makes collaboration smooth across different departments like operations, HR, accounting and finance. Accountri is an advanced automation tool that increases organizational productivity by simplifying complex tasks. From human resources to talent pool and issues recognition, this business software has addressed both ends of the organizational pipeline and everything in between. Accountri's advanced analytics helps manage resources customized through geospecific and relational data sets. This feature helps Human Resource managers and employers in managing precise data of an employee and bank all the documents provided in an organized manner. Besides, adhering to the prime objective of the software, Accountri's timesheet module helps get an overview of how much time is being spent on a project including all the minute day and weekly-wise details. This further keeps a check on the accountability of the resources.

"Businesses today have several departments in place to carry out smoother operations. Technology has been playing a potential role in driving all the departments and at the same time, it has been impossible to have different software for different departments. This not only drives a business towards huge maintenance cost but also lacks collaboration between departments. Accountri as complete business management software provides all the features under one dashboard making collaboration smooth across departments like operations, finance, management & accounting", adds Ram.

Accountri channelizes organizational workflow, simplifies admin functions and makes collaboration smooth across different departments

The Future Roadmap
Accountri team is constantly working on getting a better version of the business management software in order to better serve the business world. It would be no surprise, if future Accountri can let you deliver the reports by voice command or give you self-tips on the productivity of the resources. The future is AI & Machine learning and we are on our way to give you the best out of Accountri's uniqueness will help the firm capture the majority of the accounting software market including themselves on a whole as a complete business management software. Accountri has inculcated a thought process behind developing Accountri,that would fulfill all the business needs under one umbrella software. "Technology is never stable and what we foresee in the space of business management software is the penetration of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning", concludes the Founder.

”Accountri's advanced analytics helps manage resources customized through geospecific and relational data sets”

The Comprehensiveness Of Accountri-Addressing A Plethora Of Functions
• Human Resource Management
• Payroll & Timesheet Management
• Payments & Receivables Management
• Billing & Invoicing Management
• Project Management
• Job & Talent pool Management
• Case Management
• Accounting Management
• GST, TDS & Challan Management
• Standard Reports

Chronology Of Technological Advancements In Accountri
Sep 2019: Introduction of CRM
Oct 2019: Asset Management & Feedback Mechanism
Nov 2019: Android/ios Mobile App
Dec 2019: API's & To-Do List
Feb 2020: Inventory Management
Sep 2020: Artificial Intelligence Technology