Integra Global Solutions: Consolidating Financial Data for Efficient Business Progression with Trust & Transparency

Ganesh Ranganathan,Chairman
Ganesh Ranganathan, Chairman

Strategy, a well thought off operational parameter, decides every business’ future sustenance. However, the question is – what lays the basis of this tactic convention? Is it human resources or opportunities or right management panel? Certainly, all these factors affect the stratagem in making, but the implementation of right bookkeeping and accounting practices is what lies at the heart of every business and forms the make or break situation. Consolidating accounting integers efficiently, Integra Global Solutions excels in succouring business panjandrums for blueprinting effective business decisions. A 2004 founded company, Integra delivers pre-eminent bookkeeping and accounting services in the U.S., UK, Australia, India and European countries, and delivers all accounting services, from write-ups to complicated management accounting, as per the client expectations.

The brainchild of Ganesh Ranganathan, Integra is an ISO 27001 Information Security certified, PCI and GDPR compliant company, deploying which it maintains high levels of confidentiality for client’s financial data within the organization while dealing with sensitive information
and credentials. Ganesh affirms, “Since 14 years, our team has been involved in serving small businesses to corporate clients. The industry knowledge and experience that we have learnt, while serving small-scale clients, proves instrumental in servicing our established clientele base”. What adds the badge of excellence to Integra’s expertise is its extreme focus on accuracy, confidentiality and transparency. The company handpicks top-tier leaders and talented experts for executing stellar business practices and creating a flexible work environment.

"The industry knowledge and experience that we have learnt, while serving small-scale clients, proves instrumental in servicing our established clientele base"

Simplifying Accounting Integers Eminently
As many complain of delayed financial status, unqualified and expensive accounting staff, and delayed financial status, Integra acts as a one-stop-solution for all such accounting needs and addresses each quandary with customized, cost-effective offerings. Under its servicing umbrella, the company offers an array of provisions such as general bookkeeping (data entry, classification & reconciliation), accounts payable & receivables (invoice management), accounting & management reports (management report preparation for on-time financial decision-making), payroll processing (time-oriented salary processing) and taxes (preparation of tax sheets country-wise including U.S., UK & Canada). Citing an instance where Integra excelled
in delivering quality bookkeeping services for a renowned manufacturing firm, Ganesh states, “The unit had issues within-house accounting team and decided to undertake outsourcing services. After complex procedurals, Integra was selected not only due to its work quality but also for its efficient execution of designated work”.

Prioritizing clientele confidentiality like no other, Integra deploys multiple security levels in-house and follows stringent regulations to keep the security intact. Explaining the importance of clientele trust, Ganesh adds, “When a client decides to outsource, they will obviously get cost savings from every outsourcing service provider. But is that sufficient enough? Establishing 100 percent trust with their partner is of paramount importance today”. Etching similar ethos in the company’s paradigm, the team of 1300+ experts execute excellent practices to offer guaranteed quality of services and high level of transparency, thus making Integra a safe choice to reckon succoring. Besides, the company’s tech-centric training model enhances in-house staff’s capabilities, which further improves productivity coupled with efficiency, hence bringing dedicated resources in action.

Headquartered in Wexford (Pittsburgh) with offices in Ruislip, London, Coimbatore and Cebu, Integra graphs annual revenues in profitable numbers and is presently working on the implementation of artificial intelligence, robotic & automation tools to enhance and supplement its team’s currently operational tasks.