ACE Trust in Solutions: Streamlining Financial Workflow with a Customizable & Scalable Global Framework

Angshuman Ghosh, Director & Co-Founder,Chandan Biswas, Directors & Co-Founders
Angshuman Ghosh, Directors &

Any decision-maker at an accounting or financial services firm is well aware that the industry is encountering climactic changes. The effects of these changes are hitting firms from every angle and generating a whole new set of daunting business challenges. In this fussy & highly antagonistic atmosphere, the ability to anticipate emerging challenges spell the difference between gains & flops.

ACE Trust in Solutions, a full-fledged consulting and corporate service provider specializing in CFO services, finance and accounting, compliance & legal, and globalization services whose mantra is 'to be present in the future of business' has imbibed a customizable global framework. Having global accounting expertise to support clients, ACE facilities them in decision-making through insightful financial data, cost center wise accounting, effective financial control& more. As such, it empowers customers to evade the need for physical office space and other employee-related overhead expenses while keeping the quality intact. This is exceptionally effective if the volume of their business fluctuates; they don’t have to worry about staffing up& down as changes occur. “Our proven &tested approach on cashflow management and proactive financial planning and analysis (FP&A) helps our clients
to stay ahead in the competition and keeps the books and margins healthy at all times,” adds Angshuman Ghosh, Director & Co-Founder, ACE Trust in Solutions.

"Our proven & tested approach on cash flow management and proactive financial planning and analysis helps our clients to stay ahead in the competition"

Giving Wings to Businesses
Angshuman & Chandan Biswas (Co-Founder) are tagged with rich industry experience of decades in organizations like GE, IBM, AXA, Morgan Stanley, Coke, Siemens, TCS, & more. Leveraging this experience, ACE has developed a one-stop-shop model which is scalable & customizable to deliver timely & accurate financial solutions. This ground-breaking model assists entrepreneurs, small & medium-sized organizations, and leaders in improving productivity, increasing profitability & ROI, and thereby achieving their objectives. ACE facilitates clients in their global expansion, which includes helping them branch out in multiple jurisdictions, management of the foreign offices, accounting of the foreign entities, compliance of the foreign entities, & more. It provides them strategic direction through its globalization engagements. Furthermore, besides offering a robust, global & scalable CFO service backed by solid operational capability, the company provides a shared service arrangement for F&A and Compliance. Through these services, companies or entrepreneurs can free up their time normally consumed on these tasks, and focus on things more profitable to their business-like sales, delivery or client acquisition.

Apart from these services, ACE also assists its clients who are largely global players in the
space of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Retail & e-Commerce in making thoughtful decisions by acting as their growth partners. It offers its partnership to global organizations that aspire to thrive in a new world of transparency and highly disruptive international business environments. Taking customization to chock-full, ACE offers its services at a rate which suits the complexity of accounting, the scale of business & geographic spread of clients. As a cherry on top, it optimizes its resources and time spent on projects to ensure a low-cost base without comprising on quality.

Chandan Biswas, Directors &

Triumphant Quest
Thanks to this nonpareil model, this 2017-established company which operates from Bangalore has clutched $25 million worth of assets under management (AUM) in such a brief span of time. ACE targets to become the preferred advisor in the areas of structuring, CFO services accounting and facilitate clients in expanding their wings in multiple regions in a 100 percent compliant fashion placidly. Giving back to the community, besides striving for social causes like the prevention of harassment of women in the workplace, conservation of nature & ecosystem, the company endeavours to foster entrepreneurship in the country.