Akshara Finserv Accounting: A One-Stop Accounting Shop with Pragmatic Approach & Excellent Responsiveness

Akhil Chandra Mankala,DirectorDespite being the linchpin of Indian Economy contributing to about 50 percent of the industrial output and 42 percent of India’s total export, SMEs fail to attain the service they deserve from their accounting service providers. An expert firm that lacks the patience to understand customer’s requirement (which is the key to extract the maximum possible benefits the client is entitle to), would be still a failure. Gaining this wisdom propelled Akhil Chandra Mankala (Director) to debut Akshara Finserv Accounting (AFS), an end-to-end accounting & business consultancy services firm in Hyderabad in 2015.

Customer is King
Unable to clear his CA exams even after giving many attempts, Akhil was working under an expert, where he was acting as a mediator between his boss and clients. His responsible nature allowed clients to comfortably share their thoughts, which endowed the clients and the firm with ample benefits. As this taught him the value of solving practical issues, he decided to translate this
expertise into a business model.“We leverage our experience and professionalism to clearly understand the client’s basic need and we leave no stones unturned to address it,” affirms Akhil. He recalls a case where his firm’s eye for detail while providing accounts outsourcing service, facilitated a budding entrepreneur in construction industry to get his refund from the Tax Authorities - an amount that was huge for a small business person.

Though the company renders regular accounting services from its office for SMEs that cannot afford personal accountants, it frequently visits the clients’ site to ascertain client satisfaction

As opposed to other firms that often ignore small clients to gratify corporate, AFS treats every customer equally, whether it’s a local merchant attempting to get the most out of a gold loan for his daughter’s education or a software MNC outsourcing their accounting services to obtain the timely services at a reasonable cost. Yet another striking feature of the company is its exceptional responsiveness. “Even if our clients need us at any point of time, we’d be there for them. And we d be happy to work over time or even overnight to help our clients meet a deadline. Responsiveness is mandatory for us,” asserts Akhil.It is this feature that has spread
AFS’ fame like a wildfire. Akhil reminisces a gratifying instance, where a happy client recommended his service to 30 other people.

Though the company renders regular accounting services from its office for SMEs that cannot afford personal accountants, it frequently visits the clients’ site to ascertain client satisfaction. Proffering Indian Audits and accounts services under outsourcing, the company regulates every thing from registration, accountancy (inventory accounting, management accounting and others),taxation (Income tax, GST, TDS, TCS and professional tax) up to finalization and consultation. Easing the transition from pre GST era to post GST era, AFS aids its clients in understanding GST law implication. To ensure that there are no loopholes in securing its client’s data, the company does n’t provide the data to any third person without the client’s consent and avoids storing data in computers with internet connection.

A Leap towards Excellence
To maintain its experienced team with exclusive knowledge, AFS starts everyday with 10-15 minutes of training sessions and follows a friendly work culture wherein the team embraces learning through mistakes. Growing further, AFS plans to launch an Accounting Training Institute at affordable fee enabling its students to address practical problems in the field, that would enable them to get employed anywhere across India.