Align Info Solutions: Designing Software with Integrated Business Management Solution

Samir Garg,Founder

Samir Garg


Accounting software is conventionally used for recording transactions to generate financial statements and manage cash-flows. However, presently the demand in terms of process automation, MIS and business intelligence is increasing constantly, along with the facility to operate on different types of platforms concurrently. Align Info Solution, an accounting software organization head-quartered in Delhi, provides a set of business solutions to create and manage orders, dispatches, invoicing, purchase orders, GRNs, inter location transfer, payroll and asset management along with complete financial accounting and inventory management. This multi-featured software with analytical MIS satisfied the ever-increasing demand of entrepreneurs in terms of analytics, business process management, and automation.

AlignBooks, the accounting software devised by Align Info Solutions, is not just an accounting pack-age but also an integrated business management solution. The software is cloud-based comprised of browser-based applications, offline desktop applications, and mobile applications that could help overcome one's individuality on the specific system and operational location. This helps customers in accessing their data anytime, through any system and from
anywhere around the globe. The source of offline synchronization and functionality enables the customers to keep their data within the entire application on respective systems and expedite the work. Align Info also delivers offline solutions that could arrange on-premise and work completely in offline mode. The company provides a unique feature of Parent-Child Company to implement solutions for secondary sales management. In the time span of one and a half years, Align Info acquired more than 3000 satisfied customers by addressing their various issues and challenges. AlignBooks automates numerous pro-cesses from estimate to order generation, order to dispatch and billing, billing linked payment update and bill based outstanding. In this process, the company has recently collaborated with the ICICI bank to integrate banking operations, enabling the company to atomize the accounting of banking transactions. By providing seamless online access, the company empowers customers with complete control over their business. It improves business productivity and helps to manage their time more effectively. The service provided by Align info by integrating with the GSTN portal through GSP enables the user to generate the e-Way bill and submit GSTR returns on the click of a button.

The AlignBooks finds a solution to such challenges by constructing a user-friendly interface that comes easy for an ordinary person

Customers with a lack of accounting knowledge face a major challenge while using other conventional accounting software. The AlignBooks finds a solution to such challenges by constructing a user-friendly interface that comes easy for an ordinary person. Based on that, all accountings are made automatically. "The Company is also addressing many unique challenges through its outstanding features, one, for example, is providing every single report for standalone location and consolidated for multiple locations on real-time basis, a major challenge faced by businesses that are operating through multiple branch/outlets/warehouse, etc.", says CA Samir Garg, Founder, Align Info Solution. The company has achieved many success stories. One of them is the installation of AlignBooks at more than 700+ Xiaomi Franchise outlets. The company is planning to integrate with many other products from different fields to provide accounting solutions with minimum data redundancy in the coming years.