Arunarchis Consulting: Offers Unique Virtual CFO Services to Corporate Houses, Start-ups, and MSMEs

Sumathi Mohan,Chairperson & Director

Sumathi Mohan

Chairperson & Director

The role of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is very essential in every corporate house irrespective of the business being big or small. But CFO's role is most often misunderstood as an accounting job, when accounting and controls covers just about 10% of a CFO's work. A CFO plays privotal role in an organisation's growth and stability and that includes Strategizing, Review of business opportunities, Risk assessment and mitigation, Optimization of the benefits of digitization, Fund raising and management, Growing revenue, and Making the business financially viable and profitable. Contributing efficiently as a Virtual CFO service provider, Arunarchis Consulting Pvt. Ltd started operating in 2013.

"Most of the companies are faced with the challenge of getting the right CFO due to 2 factors - the cost of hiring CFO with the right experience and having sufficient work to justify a full-time CFO," says Sumathi Mohan, the Chairperson, Arunarchis Consulting. Controlling in these areas with efficiency and perfection, the company is successfully managing to deliver the best to its clients.

It takes immense experience in handling different scenarios and aspects of finance and accounts in different sectors, to gain the kind of expertise that is expected from a CFO.
Arunarchis Consulting with its exceptional work experience aims to reduce the risk of financial exposure of its clients' businesses by playing the dual role of a CEO and CFO both. "We offer VCFO services consisting of professionals with extensive corporate experience in handling various facets of finance and accounts from Working capital management, Tax administration (Direct and Indirect), Strategy and reporting, Treasury management (raising for funds ­ Borrowed and Equity), and implementing processes and controls," confirms J. Gurumurthi, the Director, Arunarchis Consulting. The company also has experience in working with FMCG, Telecom, Service, and Manufacturing sector. "We have held senior KMP (Key Managerial Personnel) positions in big Corporates before our foray in management consulting," adds Sumathi. Having 25 years of knowledge and experience with degrees in B.Com and FCA, Sumathi has worked for 16 years in companies like Philips India Ltd, Cadburys In-dia Ltd, Bharti Airtel, and Mahindra Holidays.

Delivering its VCFO services to businesses in SME and MSME sec-tors and start-ups, the company has serviced clients in both manufacturing and service sectors. It has clients in the beauty industry, food technology, consulting, automotive parts manufacturing, medical aid, water treatment to name a few. "We try to understand the requirements of the clients and play a major role in their growth by optimizing the opportunities," adds Gurumuthi. Realising the plans and the ambitions of a business, Arunarchis Consulting studies the risks, ground realities, the existing structure and processes through reviewing the business financials and business model, and recommends the changes required in the processes to reach the goal.

"Our main focus will be on converting the goal, the vision and the dream into a simple business plan by giving financial values to the ground realities and further drilling it down to monthly and activity level targets," confirms Sumathi. With the help of daily dashboards and MIS re-ports, we bring in the system of daily, weekly and monthly reviews on key parameters. It also encourages the entrepreneurs to explore the growth opportunities, helps them to stretch their revenues, study the risk factors and to work out along with the team on risk mitigation.

Empowering the MSME and start-ups with its valuable services, Arunarchis Consulting is now visualizing an increase in the awareness among the start-ups and MSMEs sector in hiring VCFO services to achieve their Business Goals and milestones with ease.s. This enables Sumathi and Gurumuthi to aim at doubling their clientele base every year over the next 5 years.