ATrueCfO & Consultants: Offering CFO Solutions to facilitate Seamless Set-up of Foreign Entities in India whilst Staying Ahead in Competition

Arvind Goyal,Founder & Managing Partner

Arvind Goyal, Founder & Managing Partner

ATrueCfO is a single point of contact for overseas clients investing huge dollars in India and those looking for top-notch valuation advisory. It’s imperative for the entities investing in India to have a seamless experience in setting up their operations, that’s where our Consulting Firm brings immense value addition. We have a team of trained professionals to cater to a wide gamut of Finance and Business advisory. For many, managing finances could be one of the major difficulties, given the tax and legal nuances in India, but with our extensive experience, we make it a cakewalk for the clients. To deal with this situation, a company definitely needs legal and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services that can help the business to manage resources better and bring about increased operational efficiency.

However, hiring a well-qualified CFO can be exorbitantly expensive. Here, engaging a virtual CFO can erase the strain, thus allowing companies to focus on their core activities. Arvind Goyal (Founder), a seasoned professional holding
a solid experience of over two decades in India and abroad observed this gap and started his venture, ATrueCfO. The Firm is known for mentoring clients in optimizing the costs, turning operations from red into black, enabling them by building business plans to outpace the competition and doing right valuations without compromising on the integrity of the process.

"Team ATrueCfO does in-depth financial planning and fore-warns clients of the potential risks and advises them as to how such extreme uncertainties"

Robust Services with Value
Where many firms provide just financial and business solutions to their clients, ATrueCfO provides best-in-class solutions like a complete tax, business laws, valuation, forensic and the business strategies to achieve their goals. With a focus to revamp the cost structure for any company, we have expertise in rooting out malpractices and fraudulent transactions in the organization, including FCPA and anti-bribery investigations. Based out of Delhi, ATrueCfO today has become a renowned name, widely recognized for offering FDI/NRI Services, handling overseas investments flow into India and well-versed with FEMA, RBI, Income Tax and other prevailing laws, which is a one-of-a-kind trait.

What makes the company’s services even more viable are its methodologies, which focuses on keeping the financial model simple,
since complexities can lead to potential frauds, malpractices and eventually the collapse of even large conglomerates. ATrueCfO’s team consistently drums into the minds of clients’ leadership team to build and adhere to Financial KPI with a basic premise that ‘A thing that can be measured, can be improved.’ Also, the team does in-depth financial planning and fore-warns clients of the potential risks and advises them as to how to mitigate such extreme uncertainties.

Helping clients to stay ahead of competition, ATruceCfO endorses innovation & technology and advises the clients to harness the power of IT for data analytics. “Often companies are reluctant to upscale their IT systems from finance standpoint, thus considerable time of senior leadership is burnt in just churning the data. We strongly advise clients to make appropriate investments in building a robust IT enabled finance architecture, helping them to make the right decision based on accurate data, which is vital to edge the competition out,” asserts Arvind.

In a span of 15 months, ATrueCfO has served a diverse mix of clientele from overseas PEs and other mammoth organizations across varying industries like logistics, metals, agriculture sector, automotive distributors and many more. ATrueCfO has stood true to its name and values integrity and commitment as key driving factors in every assignment. Withholding its principle of delivering quality over quantity, ATrueCfO is striving to gain higher trust of clients and surging ahead with an aim to stand amongst one of the top Virtual CFO firms across the world in coming future.