Attainix Consulting: Guiding Clients for their Long-term folios through its Proprietary Stock Valuation Approach

Abhijit Talukdar,  FounderThe number of people investing in stocks is increasing rapidly in recent times. Today’s generation prefer to diversify their investments and view stocks as one of the most curative investment option. While this is very much true in today’s scenario, one needs to have a thorough knowledge of the stock market in order to generate returns and stay away from troubled waters. This is where the stock advisory services come into picture. These companies keep a strict vigil on all the market dynamics and advice their customers as to which stocks to invest in and which not to, thus mitigating the risk factor in their investments.

Attainix Consulting is one such company that is offering efficient and reliable stock advisory services to help customers diversify their investments and generate alpha. Founded in 2007 by Abhijit Talukdar, the company offers a suite of financial advisory services that include Stock Advisory, Mutual Funds Advisory and Personal Financial Planning Services. Treating clients investments as its own, Attainix takes complete ownership of its customers’ investments and advises them on every minute aspect of their stock portfolioss. Additionally, it carefully understands every client’s requirements & financial goals, and accordingly suggests mutual funds that suit them best. As an icing on the cake, the company even assists customers in improving their financial condition by thoroughly analyzing their current situation and suggesting them actions that need to be taken in order to meet their financial goals.
“At Attainix, I have developed a unique and proprietary stock valuation approach that assesses the true worth of a stock based on the embedded Intellectual Capital of the underlying business. Since I am able to measure the Intellectual Capital of a business periodically whenever quarterly results are published, I am able to identify stocks that are able to generate excess returns over their cost of capital by leveraging their Intellectual Capital. Such stocks become targets for entering into the portfolio. Further, I am also able to identify those stocks where Intellectual Capital as well as the ability to generate excess returns over cost of capital starts degrading. Such stocks then become targets for exit from the portfolio. Hence, the ability to measure and monitor Intellectual Capital of a business enables me to guide investors for their long term portfolios quite easily”, says Abhijit, explaining his company’s USP.

The ability to measure and monitor Intellectual Capital of a business enables me to guide investors for their long term portfolios quite easily

While most stock advisory firms use traditional metrics like P/E, PEG, ROE and ROCE, Attainix’s approach of selecting stocks based on their Intellectual Capital has proven to be a game changer for its clients. The company tracks the Intellectual Capital of app. 900 Indian and 350 US businesses, and has even back-tested its algorithm across both the markets. Serving clients aged from mid 20s to mid 60s, Attainix does not differentiate clients based on their age or wealth and offers its services in a uniform way.

“One of the biggest challenges for retail investors is that they get ‘married’ to their investment. This is where I add value as an advisor, because I do not have the same emotional attachment to the investment as the client. Ultimately, the client also realizes and accepts that any investment is nothing more than just a vehicle for achieving a certain goal. Once that goal target is reached, it makes complete sense to exit that investment. The fact that I have not received negative feedback about my advisory services from any client so far is itself a testimony to the efficiency of my services”, Abhijit further adds.

In the coming days, Attainix plans to focus more on customers interested in US stock market, as many HNIs want to diversify their investment portfolio. Currently having a coverage of 350 US stocks, the company is confident on doubling this number in the next few months as well.