Auction Bridge: The Credible & Transparent Bidding Partner

Premanandan. A,  CEOAuction and bidding industry is witnessing colossal growth in the recent times. Offering the benefit of e-Commerce, the internet is taking the auction and bidding industry by storm. One can now auction or bid anything and everything, right from e-Waste to real estate to jewelries online, making the whole process further smooth at the comfort of your home. Addressing to this fast paced growth in the online industry, there are many platforms offering the service, making it difficult to pick the most credible and trustworthy source. Providing a safe and secure platform with compatible interface that deftly amalgamates the comprehensive information, Chennai-based Auction Bridge offers transparent and exciting auction experience.

Proffering top class auction and bidding services, Auction Bridge renders a robust twine of services with the flagship being disposal of scrap and other materials, including e-Waste. Not limited to this, the company handles auction for various categories such as fabric, automobile, machinery, office equipments, assets, land and so forth. “We are not limited to a particular industry. We look for options and opportunities in every sector and make the maximum advantage of them,” says Premanandan. A, CEO, Auction Bridge.

The company offers forward auction as well as procurement auction while safeguarding
the information, and provides transparent bidding option by maintaining utmost confidentiality during the whole process. Furthermore, eliminating the biggest risk of online auction limited knowledge about the process resulting in an expensive misstep, Auction Bridge also offers guidance and assistance in the whole auction process from awareness to clearance of the materials. Reaching out to potential participants, the company ensures a competitive auction and the best bidding/price for the products. “In most cases, vendors are unaware or confused about the transparency and credibility of online auction. We get in touch with them, detail the whole process and convince them,” asserts Premanandan.

Proffering top class auction and bidding services, Auction Bridge renders a robust twine of services with the flagship being disposal of scrap and other materials including e-Waste

Bridging the Gap
A venerated name in the bidding sector, Auction Bridge is the odds-on-favorite for companies in need of emergency auction or clearance of materials. Banking on the experienced and dedicated team at Auction Bridge, the company acquires the best price for the client’s products and get them cleared in the shortest turnaround time. What further elevates the bar of excellence is the market research, precise information (including product pictures, quantity & quality, and taxes involved), transparency of the process, and the superlative services (with internet tracking facility) they offer.

On technology front, Auction Bridge constantly updates and upgrades to accommodate the evolving demands of the growing online auction industry. Adapting to cloud software, each customer is provided with a user id and password, enabling them to participate in the bidding process from anywhere. Already advancing on the development of a user friendly mobile application, the company is expanding the possibilities of online auction to the zenith.

Since its inception in 2016, Auction Bridge has held more than 1000 auctions; trending on the right path, the turnover growth rate of 2017-18 has surpassed 60 percent than the previous year. Determined to acquire and dominate the global market, Auction Bridge is planning to open up branches close to the industrial areas in India as well as abroad.