Better Ledger: Offering Cutting-edge Solutions in Financing & Accounting Services

Karan Khatri ,  Co-Founder

Karan Khatri


By 2027, the international market for outsourced finance and accounting will be worth $56.6 billion. The global market for finance and accounting outsourcing, which was previously anticipated to be worth US$37.9 billion in 2020 but is now expected to increase to US$56.6 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 5.9 percent for the study period of 2020 to 2027, reflecting the altered post-COVID-19 business scenario. One of the sectors examined in the study, Multi Process F&A BPO, is anticipated to grow at a 6.8 percent CAGR and reach US$19.3 billion by the conclusion of the analyzed period. Growth in the source to pay outsourcing segment is reduced to an adjusted 5.9 percent CAGR over the following seven years in order to compensate for the continuing post-pandemic rebound. Better Ledger, a preeminent global accounting organization, is a professional outsourcing accounting firm with a wide array of services including accounts payable, receivables, bookkeeping, and taxation, to name a few. The firm was founded in 2021, and in a short span since its inception, has become a globally recognized firm with an excellent handle on the financial and accounting services being provided to clients from different parts of the world.

Vision & Mission of Better Ledger
Better Ledger was formed out of the passion for providing excellent and precise accounting and financial services to a wide range of clients across the globe. With this aspiration in mind, Better Ledger found its vision and aim which the organization works relentlessly to accomplish. “Our vision is to constantly achieve a stable state of being in a providing platform of customized and standard accounting and financial services to the clientele.

"Our mission is to deliver a range of Professional Outsourcing and Consulting Services from Transaction level support to Business Transformation Solutions"

We aim to become and stay at the leading platform for accounting solutions and bring remarkable growth for our clients, employees and all the stakeholders involved that can indeed fuel our progress,” shares Karan Khatri, Co-founder, Better Ledger. The firm’s vision to provide customized solutions for the client’s needs encourages the team to constantly improve upon its existing services while also coming up with innovative and novel solutions to new age problems. The dynamic nature of the financial industry keeps the workforce at Better Ledger on its toes.

“Our mission is to deliver a range of Professional Outsourcing and Consulting Services from Transaction level support to Business Transformation Solutions, Sustain optimum performance with focus on advantageous and efficient utilization of resources, and Provide enabling offerings at most competitive fee to our clients throughout the globe,” further shares Karan. With these missions in mind, the firm is actively seeking out the best industry practices and implementing them into its bespoke solutions.

Services & USPs
Providing Finance, Accounting, and Taxation Services to accounting businesses in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is the focus of Better Ledger. Greater control is provided by this, which adopts standardized procedures. The firm supports CPAs, accountants, and executives in the financial sector in expanding their roles beyond that of the traditional bookkeepers and financiers. The finance and accounting sector has
always been difficult to work in and faces its own unique problems that are extremely difficult to solve. The effects of social and economic situations are particularly noticeable in the accounting business. In order to embrace the new remote work culture and remain viable for long periods of time, the company must adopt new technologies and accounting trends.

Some of the key features of Better Ledger’s services are the heavy focus on Learning from customer feedback, a professional team with every single employee having their own goals, high savings potential, open and honest communication a 12 hours team support, treating customers responsibly, and the ultimate team work which ensures complete seamless execution of the process. Services provided at Better Ledger includes Book keeping, Accounting, Payroll, Finalization of accounts, Billing, Budgeting and forecasting, Taxation, and other related activities.

“By using Better Ledger as your full service audit outsourcing provider, customers will gather many benefits including Budget Friendly Very competitive rates, allowing for more flexibility costs & budgets Regular Communication Dedicated Team of experts will be at your service offering regular and continuous communication with your team; and Timely Service. With a team of professionally qualified and experienced personnel, we will ensure to offer clients quality and timely services”, further adds Karan.

At Better Ledger we have a team of experts who are Chartered Accountants, MBA's & Commerce graduates who have experience in the accounting field for at least four years

The integrity of the data is a critical driver in the finance and accounting market's development because when you put enough effort into developing and maintaining an accounting system, the data it delivers will be precise and legitimately pertinent to the daily business operations. Furthermore Information Availability is another major factor driving industrial growth. A management accounting system that is updated every day or every week will deliver more pertinent data than one which is six months old Resources are yet another factor which impacts segment growth. Company executives must prioritize suggested adjustments and garner widespread support in order for management accounting to be successful. Lastly the effective feedback received from clients as well as employees is important. Establishing business culture and standards that encourage the gathering of pertinent data is essential to provide management accounting with effective feedback.

Journey & Future Roadmap
Karan Khatri, the Co-Founder of Better Ledger, began his career as a freelancer with a strong enthusiasm for accounting. He acquired the skills and experience necessary to manage US-based clients on his own while working as a freelance accountant, so he made the decision to pursue his passion. The establishment of Better Ledger took place with a vision for the future and a determination to elevate accounting without charging excessively high prices. Within a year of commencing operations off with just one person, Better Ledger today has 32 staff members, and this is merely the beginning for the firm the number will continue to rise.

“At Better Ledger we have a team of experts who are Chartered Accountants, MBA's and Commerce graduates who have experience in the accounting field for at least 4 years. All of our CPA trained employees are experts and are familiar with the different accounting softwares used in USA for e.g. Quickbooks, xero, sage, wave net suite, accounting cs, App folio. For taxation-pro series, drake, pro connect, turbo tax and customized softwares as well. This contributes majorly in the company's growth and getting good client feedback and getting projects done on time with full accuracy. Overall our team of experts plays a major part in Better Ledger’s growth and helps the company to make goodwill in the industry”, signs off Karan.

Better Ledger is performing remarkably well in the market in terms of client retention. With the help of positive customer feedback and more than a year of working with US-based clients, Better Ledger’s was able to secure large projects quickly. Therefore, with the expertise and experience of its CPA-trained accountants, the firm has been able to establish a brand and goodwill in the market with 500+ clients and 1000+ projects accomplished. The impacts of the Pandemic are still current, and the only option to survive in the competitive market for longer periods of time is to adapt to the most recent accounting trends. Utilizing cutting-edge accounting practices and technology to support firm operations, Better Ledger is on the fasttrack to become the go to finance and accounting outsourcing firm globally.