Bhaga Wealth: A Trusted Advisor Delivering Expertise in Personalized Financial Planning Solutions

CA Prathamesh Bhandarkar & CA Girish Bhandarkar, FoundersIndia is garnering heightened attention as a global manufacturing hub coupled with robust domestic consumption, thereby attracting increased interest from investors worldwide. At the same time, with its stable economy poised for sustained seven-eight percent growth the new generation is also moving away from Bank Deposits to Mutual Funds, thereby offering promising prospects for Domestic & Foreign Institutional Investors. The current Mutual Fund (MF) Assets Under Management (AUM) represents the beginning of a potentially significant growth trajectory, promising prosperous times ahead for MF investors. However, investors face challenges such as navigating complex investment options, optimum asset allocation, complex tax implications and above all finding trustworthy and competent advisors.

Balancing risk and return amidst market volatility adds further complexity to decision making processes. Bhaga Wealth, founded by seasoned Chartered Accountants, offers bespoke financial solutions tailored to individual needs. With a focus on personalized service and continuity through direct access to its promoters, the company combines hybrid infrastructure for accessibility and deep tax expertise, making it a trusted choice for investors - resident as well as non-resident. The company name 'Bhaga' refers to the Vedic god of fortune and prosperity, symbolizing both material and spiritual abundance. The term originates from the Sanskrit 'Bhagya', meaning destiny or fortune, and shares roots with the Persian 'Baga', as seen in the name Baghdad, meaning 'lord-giver'.
With Promoters having over three decades experience in capital markets, Bhaga has emerged as a prominent player in mutual fund domain. Under the guidance of Founder CA Girish Bhandarkar, leveraging extensive financial market knowledge and investment expertise, the firm offers tailored solutions to meet clients’ diverse needs. The company predominantly focuses on equity oriented instruments, constituting more than 75 percent of its AUM, while also catering to hybrid and debt products depending on the client profile. Since its inception in April 2022, Bhaga Wealth has experienced significant growth with total AUM touching Rs.200 crores within short span of two years. Serving primarily resident and NRI investors, the firm has acquired thirty client families across India, UAE, UK, and USA, with a balanced portfolio between Mutual Funds and Equity holdings.

Bhaga employs a comprehensive approach to assess clients'risk tolerance and investment objectives, considering investment duration, age, and current financial status. Bhaga believes that the biggest risk faced by investor is the risk of not knowing what to expect in times of uncertainty. The firm guides investors in making informed decisions by elucidating potential downsides and emphasizing understanding of the investment potential.

The firm provides a holistic suite of services, including wealth creation, goal-based investing, retirement planning, and comprehensive solutions for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs) and Non Resident Indians (NRIs). With expertise in direct taxation, the company seamlessly integrates investments with regulatory filings, offering a comprehensive solution to its clients.

Bhaga Wealth offers personalized financial solutions, blending expertise in taxation with tailored investment strategies for HNI & NRI clients

Recognizing that investment is a personalized journey, Bhaga Wealth tailors its solutions accordingly, rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach in favor of bespoke strategies. The company remains abreast of regulatory changes impacting Mutual Fund Distribution through active participation in training and seminars. Operating via physical and digital platforms ensures accessibility for clients preferring face-to-face or online interactions.

‘Creating Value with Values’ encapsulates the essence of ethical business practices Bhaga follows in all its dealing with its investors. Bhaga Wealth plans to continue its focus on providing value added service and advice to investors while capitalizing on India's growth trajectory. With the expanding global interest in India's economy, the firm remains committed to facilitating investment opportunities and maintaining its reputation for quality service. “With the ‘India Story’ and '10 Trillion Economy' picking up, the world wants to invest here, and we have invested in physical infrastructure and technology to make their journey rewarding", signs off CA Prathamesh Bhandarkar, Founder & CEO.