Book Keeper: Exceptional Accounting Software for the Masses

Rohit Kumar Birla,Co-FounderAn innovation of Just Apps Private Limited, Book Keeper is a complete mobile and desktop accounting solution. The company is one of the early movers in India to get accounting solutions on mobile at a very reasonable price starting from INR 2500 per device per year. "Our product is reliable, easy to use, very affordable and we have not started charging for upgrades and maintenance until now, which makes it attractive for small business owners and its accounting staff", says Rohit Kumar Birla, Co founder, Book Keeper.

Book Keeper has around 100,000 active users in the last 6 years with a rating of 4.5 plus on Play Store and App store and is used in more than 50 countries. Currently, the software is mainly used by small Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Consultants, Lawyers and Computer Sales & Service. Book Keeper assures businesses to get their own accounting on Mobile and Desktop. Synced and updated real time, this software allows the business owners to get their financial data handy and take wise business decisions with his intuitive Business Dashboards and 30 plus Reports available on the go and swiftly, without waiting for his accounts associate or CA to update.
More so, Book Keeper offers unique features like Bar Code generation, POS compatible for billing purpose, E commerce integration and Cheque printing which are a rare feat in a single accounting application at a cost-effective price. Book Keeper provides a dedicated customer support team to its customers to resolve their queries and provide free upgrades to all the customers. This has significantly helped Book Keeper in retaining and keeping happy customers. Most importantly, Book Keeper does not store confidential business data on its servers in order to respect the financial data privacy of users businesses.

Book Keeper enables its customers to make bills and do their accounting on the go in an easy and efficient manner. Book Keeper can be used by any business owner without any prior strong accounting knowledge, as the entry fields terminology is business based and not accounting terminology based. Customer get 30 plus reports to take wise and timely business decisions helping run business efficiently and less reliant on the Chartered Accountant for his daily accounts and finance updates. "We provide GST reports to customers based on entries done by them on our application which is one of the biggest pain point of our Indian customers", adds Rohit.

Book Keeper enables its customers to make bills and do their accounting on the go in an easy and efficient manner

As a standalone, offline accounting software & mobile app, Book Keeper aims to add another 100,000 paid subscribers in 3 years across 50 plus countries. Just Apps has a wide distribution network of 90 plus distributors currently across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Africa, UAE and other parts of the world. The strategy for the app is to penetrate more deeply into India and rest of the world by building its channel partners network to scale up further in offline sales.

"Book Keeper is building strategic partnerships with notable Chartered Accountants, Finance Companies, Co working companies and other related product companies such as Point of Sale machines to widen our service offerings to customers and presence. Book Keeper will continue introducing new features as per requirements of growing global digital economy which makes our product a key differentiator", concludes Rohit.