Book My Accountant: Dynamically Trained and Professional Accountants at Cost Effective Price Models

Amit Dhanania,FounderSpecialised bookkeeping establishes a significant necessity of effective financial management for every business, regardless of which manufacturing sector it functions in. Book My Accountant (BMA), an accounting and book-keeping organisation having their headquarters in Kolkata, has acquired a reputation in offering exceptional Book keeping to address GST Issues and GST Audit, Income Tax, TDS, TCS, ROC Related Matter, Company Formation, GST, Internal Audits, Financial Planning, Survey, Investigation, Advisory Services and Other Department Related queries. The organisation has recognized itself as simple and pocket friendly book-keeping service providers to small and medium enterprises and gives a comprehensive package of full-time accountant, and GST consultant to large corporations as well.

Book My Accountant is an accounting, book-keeping and Direct and Indirect Tax consultancy organization with a team of more than 75 Executives. Though the company is headquartered in Kolkata, it has its branches at Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Gangtok and Raipur. Book My Accountant works as people's accounting partner for proper compliance of their organization to avoid any interest or penalty imposed by any statutory body. The entire team helps the customers
get a financial advisor just a call away without the expense of hiring a full time expert. The team consist of experts in the field of Book Keeping, Taxation, Advisory Services and other statutory compliance. "The ownership of the account is something I believe would count us different from the market. We are neither into manpower supply nor into review of the accounts. We believe in keeping the foundation strong which means the basic books and records in compliance with GST and other relevant regulations to facilitate minimum spent for audit purposes and avoid exorbitant penalties", says Amit Dhanania, Founder, Book My Accountant. There are certain encounters which the organization is cautious about. The challenges contain attrition and technical skill of client's existing accounting team, accounting of a private limited company is and should be confidential. The nuances of a company is mostly understood by either the owner or the accountant and losing them can be little frightening. Also, being abreast with changing compliances and precisely interpreting the same can be challenging for non-professionals.

The entire team helps the customers get a financial advisor just a call away without the expense of hiring a full time expert

Flagship of BMA focuses on GST consultancy, given the complexities and widespread debate of GST sections. It is common to have a misinterpretation of GST which leads to penalties and fines. Company accountants are experienced with it and hence can provide GST consultancy, and at the same time abide by while performing book-keeping. Book My Accountant's services includes customized package that is primarily comprised of a wide range of size and nature of the business, rendering to the specific requirements of the customers. The organisation also allocates accountants to larger companies with a team of a senior reviewer and a part-time chartered accountant. To stay updated with the contemporary market, Book My Accountant focuses on setting up of process flaws to make the efforts more systematic and transparent to the customers and provide low investment cloud based accounting to the customers. Recently, Book My Accountant has opened its branch in Bengaluru, which tasted success. Not to mention, the company's client base has reached the current heights with zero advertisement. In future, the organisation is targeting to spread its wings in several more cities in India and also enter into the shared services model.