Brain4u Consulting Services: A Virtual Bookkeeping Expert Accounting SMEs & Startups Financial Integers

Manoj Y Sanas,Founder Director
Manoj Y Sanas,Founder Director

In the last decade, global economy witnessed the emergence of numerous Small and Medium Enterprises and their pivotal participation in developing countries’economical growth. Amidst this development and sustainability, what remains the matter of prime concern is SMEs struggle with proper accounting and bookkeeping practices. Lack of adequate bookkeeping skills, constant business pressure and insufficient funds for hiring professional accountant hampers business growth, eventually leading to unbalanced profit and loss account. To simplify accounting roadmap, adept companies like Brain4u Consulting Services have stepped in the industry for enveloping SMEs accounting quandaries through unparalleled bookkeeping solutions.

Under the ace leadership of Manoj Y Sanas(Founder Director), Brain4u focuses on providing organized infrastructure to SMEs through virtual accounting and bookkeeping services. Owning profound knowledge and expertise in practical solutions, the expert pool of qualified professionals and trained bookkeepers enjoy working with numbers, leveraging which they advise clients on how and where they can save and increase
their bottom-line. Predominantly catering to SMEs, this Mumbai-based company thoroughly understands the nitty-gritties that SMEs encounter due to lack of accessibility of skilled yet budgeted accountants.

"With Brain4u, clients can access book of accounts from anywhere in the world and make instant decisions as they are hosted on third-party cloud"

Reconciling Accounting Benefits
Businesses require services that consolidate huge data, give real-time information and Brain4u excels in rendering real-time bookkeeping services 24/7. Right from cash book maintenance, inventory management and book clean-up services to accounting system setup, manual vorgang and tax compliance, the company delivers end-to-end accounting services in an economical cost-frame and executes them with utmost efficiency. With Brain4u, clients can access book of accounts from anywhere in the world and make instant decisions as they are hosted on third-party cloud.

Unlike multiple industry panjandrums rendering services to large-scale companies, Brain4u endeavours to capture unorganized emerging segment comprising of small businessmen and startupsand outshines the competitive orbit with its client-centric servicing proficiency. What further makes the company most sought after choice among SMEs is its budgeted price range that cuts down standardized market price to half while providing all the required services. While exemplifying extensive approach for increased bookkeeping
awareness, Brain4u emphasizes on offering proper, prompt and precise accounting services under transparency lens.

Proper Assistance for Stable Accounts
When it comes to handling sensitive data, Brain4u invests in secured and approved accounting software only. Online platforms such as Quickbooks, Xero and Zoho are highly leveraged to assure that only clients have login access and every transaction is approved through secure passwords and OTP system. On the flip side, the company follows standard modus operandi for agreement documentation where proper bookkeeping is commenced only after client’s approval. Brain4u is a certified pro advisor of Quickbooks online and an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. It efficiently caters to vast clientele portfolio including Electronic Lab and Infinity Management Solutions, amongst many others.

Pinning innovation as the steeping stone, the company is developing an AI-enabled accounting platform in-house, which is sure to bring more correctness and efficiency in accounting services. Constant observation of market dynamics further enables in-house innovation and customization. Envisioning aggressive growth with customer satisfaction as central focus, Brain4u is expanding its servicing spectrum internationally by establishing official roots in the US and Malaysia. Citing the revolutionary growth of internet users, Manoj concludes,“In the next 15 years, account outsourcing and online bookkeeping will bring a revolutionary phase in India”.