Bwealthy Financial Solutions: One-Stop-Shop for All Financial Solutions

Dr. Geomcy George,    FounderAs wealth management(WM) firms supercharge their digital transformation journeys, investments in cybersecurity and human-centered design are critical to building superior digital client experience (CX). Secondly, sustainable investing is gaining mainstream attention and generating increasingly sophisticated client demands. Data and analytics capabilities will become essential for ESG scoring and personalized customer engagement. As large financial services firms refocus on their wealth management business, new digital players make industry strides and the competition is becoming historically intense. To cater to new-age clients and deliver new-age services, Bwealthy Financial Solutions functions with a mission to help people create wealth correctly and foster the habit of saving and financial thinking. The company was started by a group of doctors to help their colleagues learn and understand finances and to help them with their investments. The company has come a long way since then and has helped many achieve their financial goals.

Headquartered in Kerala, Bwealthy Financial Solutions was started on 18th Feb 2020 by a doctor, Dr. Geomcy. "I started insurance consultancy around 12 years back as a second source of income because I didn't want to make money from my cancer patients. When I started working in the insurance sector, I realized there are many pitfalls. There are different companies for various insurances, which confuses clients to manage their finances. After working for so

many years in the insurance sector, my objective was to integrate every type of insurance under one roof so that the customer has a choice to choose. To do so, I started my own company under the name of Bwealthy Financial Solutions. The company's aim is to help people become healthy, wealthy, and secure", stated Dr. Geomcy, Founder, Bwealthy Financial Solutions.

Various Services & Products to Meet Financial Goals
Bwealthy Financial Solutions bring intelligence, technology, and a human touch to finance, insurance, mutual funds, and other wealth solutions. They offer services from financial planning to life insurance, General Insurance including health insurance, motor insurance and travel insurance. The company also helps to invest in the share market both in India and abroad; mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits and recurring deposits of various banks. The company assists clients with monthly income schemes, tax planning, portfolio management services, and loan. Bwealthy Financial Solutions brings all major financial services and products of various companies under one roof enabling the customer with choice and an unbiased comparison of products.

Bwealthy Financial Solutions bring intelligence, technology, and a human touch to finance, insurance, mutual funds, and other wealth solutions

However, even after such exceptional services and products, most clients are scared of investment because they have been fooled by insurance companies earlier. Unlike other insurance companies, Bwealthy provides direction and meaning to financial decisions. It allows the client to understand how each financial decision they make affects other areas of their finances. "We help you to work out where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach your goal by the process that involves gathering relevant financial information, setting financial goals, examining your current financial status, and coming up with a strategy for a plan on how you can meet with your goals, and meet the gap", explained Dr. Geomcy.

Likewise, Bwealthy Financial Solutions helped many individuals and doctors reach their financial goals. Its mission is to help people create wealth, protect wealth and preserve wealth through the highest level of economic thinking, innovative holistic solutions, and partnerships to secure the future of its customers, agents and employees through a customer-centric approach. And to do so, Bwealthy is planning to spread business all over the country and middle-east. The firm wishes to become a market leader in wealth management and a trusted partner for its clients.