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Sanket Aggarwal, Founder & CEO

Sanket Aggarwal

Founder & CEO

Indian taxation accounting and reporting are both exceedingly complicated and confusing. For most individuals and small to medium sized businesses, understanding the arrangements of the law and developing an appropriate tax planning strategy is daunting. Further, the conventional accounting wisdomin India is that this complexity can only be resolved by hotshot chartered accountant firms. However, when you try to access their services at a reasonable cost, it becomes out of reach for many consumers and businesses. Thankfully, such a paradox is ceasing due to the development of an unique online tax, accounting and regulatory platformby one of India’s most promising taxation service providers.

With fore-sight dating back to 2012, and a keen knowledge of the latest technological trends, Sanket Aggarwal(CEO, CA ON WEB)saw an opportunity within the honourable Prime Minister’s online initiatives to bring about a change in the customary accounting paradigm through his online brainchild CA ON WEB. Utilising around a decade of professional experience in accounting and finance, Sanket spent three year’s researching the optimal online service offering where innovation could transparent and simple tax and accounting solutions for clients. The result was the launch of CA ON WEB Private Limited in 2015.“Whether you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, a small business owner, a Non Resident Indian, or a foreigner who wants to start a business or invest in India, CA ON WEB is your solution,” says Sanket.

The 'Personal Touch'
Asone of India's leading online financial services and advisory platforms, CA ON WEB provides transparency and builds trust through constant availability of in-house experts and real time interactions. CA ON WEB offers a wide range of accounting and financial end-to-end solutions in areas, including: accounting, auditing, business tax planning, financial planning and company formation.Going up against the norms of protracted telephone calls, high hourly rates and a perceived lack of choice in the ‘top-end’ of tax and accounting service providers, CA ON WEB provides the highest levels of client management and sound strategic solutions from professionals based in three locations (Delhi, Mumbai and Noida) and, importantly, at significantly cost competitive rates. The central reason for this is that nearly all of the work and client interactions are undertaken online. Adapting to the changing business environment to enable clients to accomplish their business potential by providing creative and pragmatic solutions, CA ON WEB has to date served over 1,000 clients with a strength that the organization broadcasts as its 'personal touch'. This creates an atmosphere where clients comprehendearly on in the engagement the benefits of sharing the maximum amount of information in order to comply with
the regulations and achieve the best financial outcomes. “Our transparency with clients, leads to their transparency with us,” says Sanket. What’s more, the organization prioritises the confidentiality of the clients and regularly updates them about the changes in law in the simplest possible terms.

As one of India’s leading online financial services and advisory platforms, CA ON WEB provides transparency and builds trust through constant availability of in-house experts and real time interactions

Sanket adds, “Our overriding objective is to provide clients with the highest level of personalized expertise while at the same time saving them money and time - two precious commodities. We are never seeking ways to fill our company pockets and give financial burden to customers which is one of the key reasons for our success. When any customer approaches us, we listen to the query or requirement carefully, and recommend to the customer what will work in favor of them without thinking whether it will be profitable for us”. Further, at the point when a large portion of other tax and accounting organizations insist that clients to visit them in their office, CA ON WEB insists clients provide all the information online without investing time visiting their office, consequently making the work process simple, quick and effective.

While the vast majority of the organizations are reluctant to hire professionals to work for the client and try to depend on trainees for work (with an intent to save themselves money), this award winning company provides direct access to qualified professionals so that clients can understand things in alay man’s term and can get maximum benefit. Updating on work status is a big problem in this industry, but CA ON WEB provides its clients with regular progress reports via emails and sms to ensure clients are up to date on a near real time basis without even the need of a call. “At CA ON WEB, we are always experimenting with new methods. We are currently developing a new portal as a platform for accounting and tax Professional,” continues Sanket.

Extensive Clientele Services
With a current client list in excess of 1,000, CA ON WEB knows better than anyone how to provide bespoke solutions for clients via a combination of case analytics, legal reference, and optimal planning. For example, the company helps clients understand: if they are liable to deduct TDS and at what rates; their position /liability under new GST regime and follow up with tax authorities as their representative.

In addition to income tax services, CA ON WEB is one of the biggest companies for incorporation of new businesses. In North India, it represents approximately one percent of aggregate companies registered. The company has a dedicated team of Chartered Accountants in India that comprises competent people with sharp insight and unique skill sets, and the extensive experience of its partners. This breadth of experience means that CA ON WEB canal so provide a full suite
of various license enrolment services like IEC code, FSSAI License, RCMC Licenses for Export, MSME Enrolment, ISO Certification, GST Registration, APEDA Registration and Digital Signature Certification.

Utilizing best-in-class management software, be it for support system, client lead management or any other work, the CA ON WEB professionals make themselves permanently contactable so that clients can discuss their issues with its team at any point in time. More over, CA ON WEB is increasingly becoming the Indian business partner of choice among the major names in China and HongKong. The company is working with global companies like ‘Alibaba’ as a Documentation and Trade Partner, ‘Paytm’ as GST Advisor, and ‘Club Factory’ as Tax and Legal Advisor. Also, CA ON WEB is nodal agency for FDI in India for ‘Ease of Doing Business’- an initiative by UP Government,where the company consults with foreign clients on statutory, legal and tax matters.

Steps to the Miles
Sanket’s wife, Sakshi, acts as the backbone of the company and ensures the organizational functionalities run efficiently and at the highest levels of quality and, as a result, CA ON WEB has experienced 50 percent growth in revenue this year. Sanket’s mentor and the Company’s Senior Advisor is Matthew Cooper (Investor and Advisor based in Australia) who assists CA ON WEB with its strategic priorities and international expansion which, in turn, is expected to be a major source of growth for CA ON WEB.

In recognition of its outstanding performance to date, CA ON WEB received the 2017 India Excellence Award for Startup of the Year, further that the company is a standout among the most trusted tax and accounting services companies in India.

Key Management:
CA SanketAggarwal, Founder & CEO
As an Accounting and Financial expert dedicated to innovation, Sanket has over 10 years working experience in accounting profession. Being more intrigued by doing new things with the new development and software, he utilizes the best of innovation to dependably think ahead about the market necessities.He has been passionate about finance and economy since the day he chose to pursue Chartered Accountancy, and despite of gaining tremendous success in digital signature business and filing up ITRS, Sanket’s enthusiasm to disrupt the taxation world is on the rise.

CA SakshiAggarwal, Creative & Operations Head Matthew Cooper, Senior Advisor
• Income Tax Return
• Respond to Tax notices
• TDS Return
• Company Incorporation
• Trademark Registration
• Digital Signature Services
• Import Export Code
• MSME/SSI Registration
• Goods & Service Tax(GST) – Registration/Filing
• NRI-Tax Advisory/Return Filing
• FSSAI Registration
• APEDA Registration
• ISO Registration
• FDI Consulting
• Book keeping and Audit

Offices: Noida (Headquarter), Delhi & Mumbai