Carnelian Payment Networks: A Network of Connected Payment Platforms Offering Secure Transaction Gateway to Stakeholders

Anis Warsi, Founder & CEO

Anis Warsi

Founder & CEO

Payment gateways are no more mere virtual platforms facilitating transactions, but necessary operative tools for organizations, especially from the e-Commerce sectors, transport aggregators, startups and many more, that rely on them to acquire payments, as well as engage in capital dealings with other stakeholders. This multi-pronged characteristic makes payment platforms extremely resourceful and simultaneously, highly vulnerable to fraud, extremely tedious if lacking scalability and cost deficient if not aligned with the proper technology. Through its charge back security, international acceptance and technically advanced infrastructure, Paynet, a brand of Mumbai-based Carnelian Payment Networks) negates these persisting issues. It focuses not only on the merchants but also acquires users through service platforms to aggregate payments and serve a larger geographical base. Its ironclad dual layered fraud prevention interface poises it among the very few payment platforms delivering world-class solution to the Indian marketplace.

Offering Scalability
A brain child of Anis Warsi (Founder & CEO) and Sourabh Chatterjee (Co-Founder). Paynet acts as a network
of connected platforms. “We bring to the table a secure and diverse payment acceptance for domestic & international export market,” states Sourabh. Its international card acceptance offers merchants the advantage of a stringent but open-ended risk profiling, enabling easy access to global markets. Moreover, this international acceptance is reinforced with a multi-currency support and a local presence, avoiding the tedious process attached with money acquisition during overseas transaction. This way, merchants can now deal in more than 150+ currencies and work with alternative payment methods that are slowly finding their way into the Indian market.

"Through its local acquiring, Paynet ensures merchants receive the transactions settlement locally, hence slashing time considerably "

Most payment processors providing international acceptance are India-based, making it difficult for merchants to receive effective support in terms of logistics in the last mile. Through its local acquiring, Paynet ensures merchants receive the transactions settlement locally, hence slashing time considerably. Moreover, its online invoicing platform facilitates merchants, who lack a full-blown e-Commerce-centric IT, access to online payment acceptance. Anis further adds, “We have robust strategic partnerships with local influencers who help us gain merchant/end user trust.”

Ease of Transaction Guaranteed
Paynet was one of the first to link UPI payments to a mass congregation, connecting to its management platforms, mSociety(a housing/residential management
platform) and mSchool (a schoolmanagement platform) offering at-home billing, collections and accounting services. Furthermore, Paynet is undergoing the process of receiving PCI DSS certification and has also teamed-up with major fraud prevention platforms to ensure that not only the cardholder holds the confidence to pay online but also the merchant serves to a larger geographical base.

Sourabh Chatterjee, Co-Founder

The team is currently planning to incorporate novel offerings like ACH (Automated Clearing House) and augmenting services to open banking standards, gaining the status of the first payment platform with this unique infrastructure. Having catered to some of the largest e-Commerce players, Paynet is now eyeing the milestone of a complete transition to mobile platform and develop products which reduce substantial time in online as well as offline payments. “We are looking to rapidly expand into markets other than India and become India’s Global Payments Company,” asserts the CEO. Paynet is looking at a revenue growth of $10 million and starting operations in the GCC market by the end of 2018 followed by acquisition in SE Asia by the 2nd quarter of 2019.