CFOSME: Strategizing Shared CFO Services

Sachin Deorukhakar,Founder & CEO

Sachin Deorukhakar, Founder & CEO

Based in the financial capital, Mumbai, CFOSME is an established advisory firm that offers Shared CFO services to a large number of companies. For the last six years, it has been providing CFO expertise to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Management Consulting to large corporates. CFOSME is best defined as a one-stop shop that structures business settlements, compliances and result-oriented solutions at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. “Rendering Shared CFO services to SMEs is our primary aim. We are like a big box store that brings forth all levels of services in the realms of Strategy, Accounting, Finance, Compliance and Regulatory requirements. We intend to make organisations process oriented by removing complexities from them and enabling them to function independently,” says Sachin Deorukhakar, Founder & CEO, CFOSME.
In a hyper competitive market, organizations are rushed off their feet to fabricate best services. Amidst such bend over a backward situation, maintaining matters like finance, accounting and business strategies can be an arduous task for the SMEs. Realising this catch-22 situation, Sachin built a platform to provide effective solutions and Shared CFO services to all the SMEs which cannot stand the cost of a full-time CFO or large corporate who’s existing CFO lack the prerequisite expertise. “Our zestful set of professionals is entrusted to comport as the Shared CFO to execute a profuse task in a corporation. There are many other additional projects that are shouldered in order to achieve the objectives of the management. We have carefully arranged and designed strategies that assist our Shared CFO to administer their stratagem in an organization,” voices Sachin.

"CFOSME’s motto is to provide innovative solutions to problems of our clients by simple yet out-of-the-box thinking"

CFOSME is administered by great virtuosos whose combined experience of about 75 years in different business domains helps the company to keep any imminent perils at an arm’s length. This eminent team proffers futuristic advisory and cutting- edge professional services with a long term perspective, boosting the functionality of time and liberty
constrained SMEs. Hence this mannerism has gained the company an excellent reputation
among the clients all over the country. “We comply to add value to our client’s organization and that is why we select our project very carefully and make sure to provide the best service to them,” he mentions.

Since establishment, CFOSME has made tremendous progress and has met the needs of various organizations from different industry such as Manufacturing, Automotive dealer, Data Analytics, E-commerce, IT products among many others. It has recently developed an Accounting Process Manual for a Top Luxury car company to standardize the Accounting/ Finance /Compliance process to assists their dealers in India. Mean while, the company is focusing on its core services so as to provide auxiliary services in their domain. “We are taking our business to a whole new level by aggregating various verticals in the area of Strategy, Finance, Accounting and Compliance so that we are able to cater every need of our clients in this domain,” he states.

To put it briefly, CFOSME strongly believes that a solidly build strategy and planning, diligently put into effect can enable these SMEs wing their way to success in their respective industries. “We are problem solvers and act as a sounding board to the Management” Sachin concludes.