Chartered Information Systems: Simplifying GST and eWay Bill Compliance via First-of its-Kind FREE Developer Libraries

Bharat Vasant, Director

Bharat Vasant


Prime Minister Narendra Modi often entitles GST as ‘good and simple tax’. According to The Economic Survey 2017-18, there has been 50 percent hike in the number of indirect tax payers post GST. Considering this sudden upsurge, Bharat Vasant (Director, Chartered Information Systems) developed India’s first Windows .NET based User Control Library (UCL) for GST application to provide all Billing and Accounting Software the easiest way to integrate GST Solution in their applications.Chartered Information Systems Private Limited (CISPL) is also offering FREE Windows .NET and Java libraries for GST and eWayBill API Integration, along with Complete Integration Source Code Sample Project to developers. It should be noted that, free libraries may be used to integrate eWay Bill API using any GSP or Directly from NIC Server. eWay Bill Free library does not have any code specific to TaxPro GSP but it’s open to use by any ASP through any GSP or directly through NIC
servers for large bill generators who have direct API connectivity with NIC.

Tax professionals reckon on to TaxPro GST Cloud for online access to their clients across all industries and support their cases and scenarios with varying complexities

CISPL uses the same UCL for building the State of Art, Responsive, Desktop Application, TaxProGST Desktop. Bharat asserts, “Tax professionals reckon on to TaxPro GST Cloud for online access to their clients across all industries and support their cases and scenarios with varying complexities. Extending the benefit of cost-free .NET libraries, we also provide free on-boarding and free support to application developer ASPs.” The company enables ASPs use GST APIs using single line of code, thus camouflaging the nitty-gritty of data encoding/decoding, encryption /decryption and digital signing. APIs are offered as simple URL invocation that empowers novice developers to integrate complex GST APIs into their apps.

Established in 2002, CISPL offers TaxPro IncomeTax, eTDS, XBRL filing solutions and is India’s largest
Registering Authority for Digital Signature Certificates and Bulk Digital Signing solutions for public and private sector and operates own Bulk SMS Gateways.

A Key for Easy eWay Bill Compliance
When asked about the company’s USP, Bharat avers, “We take an edge over our competitors by providing value added APIs along with online technical documentation. White or Own Labelled API and ASP Web Application along with Online CRM to manage their Sub ASPs, enables ASPs to start their own API or GST Filing Solution within no time.” On top of the line, CISPL’s Information Security Management System is ISO 27001 Certified and is Highly Available with fastest response time. Bharat adds, “Typical response time for eWay Bill Generation using API is ~60 milliseconds!”

Secure Footsteps
Headquartered in Nagpur with offices across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad, the company is also system integrator for Hardware Security Module (HSM), bulk supplier and wholesaler for Biometric Attendance & Security Products, and owns 75 percent of market share for ePass Cryptographic Tokens (by Huypersecu, Canada) of which it imported 4 million tokens in 2017, thus contributing to data security and is looking at double digit growth.