ConTeTra: A Blend of Consulting, Content, Technology & Training

Vishal Thakkar,CEO

Vishal Thakkar, CEO

Finance is quintessential for any growing business. The role of CFO has evolved from a backroom to boardroom. The responsibilities have also expanded significantly due to complexity as a result of globalized markets, regulatory and business drivers, growth in information and communications, and changing expectations of people in the finance and business landscape.

As many organizations accept that they have growth related challenges and keeping pace with the changes, the Outsourced CFO the model brings on board the desired growth partner for a glorious future.

Adding Value to Your Business– Preparing You for Tomorrow
In the sweet spot, Mumbai-based ConTeTra Universal LLP, a nextgen advisory firm and fintech company has helped many of its clients by supporting their finance team with strategies for enterprise transformation and growth. As a part of the process of value creation, ConTeTra helps its clients in building organisational capabilities for competitive advantage by conducting Industry and competition analysis in a global context, choosing the right
capital structure, perform Portfolio Analysis, designing the right capital budget process, creating Valuation models – offered as a comprehensive solution as well as standalone services. The USP of ConTeTra is that it operates from the management side of the table, unlike traditional consultants, who advise from across the table. The team ConTeTra stands shoulder to shoulder, be it in facing the auditors, bankers, government and all other stakeholders.

"Growing 35 percent YoY since the inception days, ConTeTra has had remarkable growth over the years"

ConTeTra offers the specialised financial services in with a highly experienced team of experts in finance, operations, and technology to advice its clients on the value it adds, thereby unleashing the potential of their business to the next level.

Today, ConTeTra doesn’t just offer turnkey consultancy and advisory services to its clients but also provides service in the area of Digital Media, Content Marketing, Training, and Education. The unique business structure of ConTeTra provides it with the edge in terms of better understanding of customer’s business, imparting learning and delivering the desired value.

Adding to this, Ramanujam Narayan, CFO, ConTeTra, says, “What we have done here is, we don’t just provide services to our clients, but have gone a step ahead by aligning with their vision to deliver impeccable results. We go beyond advisory services – be it Ind AS transition, process improvement, fund-raising or audit; as we are not only knowledge
partners to our clients but also growth partners who understand the value in everything that we deliver!”

A few of their clients include HDFC Securities Limited, Omya Healthcare, Lulu Financial Group, 3DPLM, Master Card, JLT, HCL Technologies and more, where it has implemented quality and reliable services.

“It’s a fantastic team of professionals, whom we came across in our journey in implementing Ind AS. They have a good grip on the subject, which is relatively new in the accounting sphere and their training to the team has helped usgain a quick start on the subject. Also, the sessions were very lively, interactive and participative. In the future, we look forward to having more engagements with them,” mentions Ravindra Nahar, Head – Financial & Regulatory Reporting, HDFC Securities Limited.

Automating Finance Ecosystem
Growing 35 percent YoY since the inception days,ConTeTra has had remarkable growth over the years. “We are in the process of developing an AI-powered tool that will simplify the way clients handle their strategic, business, and financial functions,”mentions Vishal – CEO, ConTeTra Universal, excitingly.

Further narrating the roadmap ahead of ConTeTra, Nikunj Mody, COO, concludes, “We are very clear about our future plans of scaling our CFO Services where we will offer a product-based approach that adds value to the finance ecosystem.”