elEVAte Business Solutions: Delivering Bespoke Financial Management Solutions To Help Businesses Grow

Govindan Thamarai Kannan,  Founder & CEOAccording to projections, the market for financial advising services will increase at a CAGR of 5.8 percent from 2021 to 2030, from a market size of $79.4 billion in 2020 to a predicted $135.6 billion in 2030. Building on a solid foundation of financial analysis, financial advisors offer a wide range of solutions, including transaction services, risk management, tax advice, real estate consulting, compliance, and litigation services to mention a few. Apart from this, financial advisors promise their clients with global advisory that is solely geared toward the strategic direction of corporate success and progress. A professional firm with a strong sense of purpose, elEVAte Business Solutions was founded in 2011 with the mission of offering corporate financial advisory and services. The firm’s CFO advisory services for commercialization were started in 2015, and since then, the key competencies of elEVAte and its objectives to improve the EVA (Economic Value Added) of business are both quite strong.

Core Values
elEVAte came together with decades of combined experience in a variety of industries, including auto components, automobiles, software development, hospitality, OEM, steel industries, SCM, and many more. The company is qualified to be ‘the go-to consultants’ in India because of the breadth of knowledge and network presence across the country. As such, the firm offers a range of services across four main verticals including CFO services, corporate advisory services, M&A advisory services, and corporate funding services. All the solutions offered by elEVAte are curated to target specific financial management concerns burdening clients.

“We believe growth is never by mere chance it is the result of forces working together. With this belief, elevate is supported by industry experienced professionals and young management graduates, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, and Cost Accountants which adds fuel to the zeal and passion with young blood”, shares Govindan Thamarai Kannan, Founder & CEO, elevate Business Solutions.

Building on the core values of consistency, innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, transparency, integrity, sustainability, and accountability, the firm is led by seasoned professionals who act as a guiding light for the entire organization. The team at elEVAte consists of 15 experienced professionals dedicated to supporting emerging businesses, streamlining their financial management pillar, and propel into new levels of growth.

Why CFO Services?
The results of a CFO’s function cannot be directly measured in terms of money alone or savings potential and more. The impact of CFOs should result in good quality output with respect to every area of transaction and bring control on all processes for improving financial stability & improvements & decision making systems. Govindan puts down his thoughts as The company’s growth depends on the aptitude to take up the promoters vision and mission and financial stability. Overcoming the challenges to achieve vision requires persistent effort in every dynamic situation. “Companies fail to understand, where do they stand in valuation for their business, and what parameters should be set for the business valuation to go up. Each entrepreneur has a different view of running the company.

Most entrepreneur runs for social cause and some run business to build value for its organization. We understand both the side of a coin and have a balancing approach for appropriate decision”, says Govindan. Apprehension about equity participation by new investor & their role on the board, too much concern for raising the debt for business expansion when it is really required, battles between topline growth & demands for Capex Investment to scale up operations along with battling between vertical growth and horizontal growth and its appropriateness for the next steps. All these factors create demands for Virtual CFO services who can advise the companies to take to a different level with complete hand holding of the transactions with Financial analytical skills and focus to advise areas of improvement for profitability, liquidity, risk factors create an analytical tool for different. “We work transparently with customers. Our opinion and suggestion are well communicated. Our strongest belief is that ‘No one can take away our brain’. We strongly
believe in growing together with our clients. This is showcased well to date. Our Analytical reports in different dynamics situations are only the tools for customers to create vision/rewrite vision for the business existence and its growth”, shares Govindan.

Range of Services Promised
The company was founded at a time when CFO services were not very commonly utilized in India. Overcoming challenges posed due to lack of awareness, the firm’s operations gradually took flight and gained popularity. After testing the market for about three years, the firm launched operations in a full fledged manner. Currently, the team supports MSME companies in all financial aspects, enabling these clients to create economies of scale in their business operations with a financial justification for doing so in order to maximize profitability, stability and risk free returns.

“We also help organizations to bring the right kind of funding in at the appropriate time. We support an organization in building up the valuations of the enterprise. MSME companies require good CFOs and that is missing in many companies. I could sense that most companies are having a high potential to grow. We can strive to take a company to another level for its future growth. That’s our motive for us to start this company by using our experience to benefit these firms”, further adds Govindan.

All the solutions offered by Elevate are curated to target Specific financial management Concerns burdening clients

MSME companies contribute to the nation’s growth in more ways than one. These companies contribute about 30 percent to the national GDP, while also contributing massively to the employment rates. Creating abundant employment opportunities, MSMEs have come to the forefront in recent years. Additionally, these companies also contribute roughly 40 percent to the national exports. Naturally, these industries pose tremendous potential for growth. However, recently, MSME companies are facing quite a few challenges as a result of the political disturbances occurring globally. This is hindering the companies in achieving good economic scale operation and security. This is where elEVAte’s services come to the rescue.

Analyzing the needs of the companies, the team at elEVAte conducts indepth research into the right path for company growth by segregating companies into different categories based on how old they are. Post this, the team identifies the aspects which the company needs to focus on like legacy issues and future growth prospects. The team dives deep and researches every financial transaction of the business, business alliances, and much more to offer relevant solutions. The ultimate aim of the company is to enable clients to grow the top line, improve profitability, and reduce the debt burden.

In order to empower clients and engage them in longterm relationships, elEVAte bases all associations on extensive research and effective tactics tailored to corporate requirements. The firm takes care of the client firm’s tender spots, thereby constructing turnaround plans to increase efficiency, and offering customized and bespoke solutions for businesses.

Market Evolution
The market for CFO solutions has evolved incredibly since the onset of the pandemic. Since the pandemic, clients became more aware and active about financial management requirements for a seamlessly functioning organization. Today, companies are more vigilant about separating accounting and financial management, and while the majority of accounting operations are resolved by audit systems, financial management requires a more technical approach to address and resolve. Firms need to identify underlying issues and key challenges, which commonly come under pricing strategies ways of improving profitability, and building adaptations of the organization while introducing standard operating procedures and systems.

All these processes are a big challenge, which can be covered up by the CFO. A lot of companies are choosing to outsource CFO functions to elEVAte since the firm brings a lot of diverse experience across industries. “elEVAte offers a comprehensive bouquet of Corporate Financial services/solutions. Each solution is customized carefully, not only to cater to the business needs but also to create maximum impact and economic value addition”, further adds Govindan.

As a result of elEVAte customized services, many MSME businesses have achieved tremendous feats in a short span. This has also led the firm to build a strong reputation in the market and emerge as one of the most trusted partners in this segment.

Future Plans
“We, at elEVAte, intend to be known to the corporate world as their first & practical choice to Elevate themselves with clarity. Customer Score Card is our scorecard. Elevate will change the way aspiring promoters would like to think about their organizational growth. Our mission is to bring change by creating value, securing aspiring promoters from unexpected downtrends, and using the power of play to build healing. Our mantra to customers is to educate them on the importance of planning & strategizing for both the short term and long term. This would address the risk and ensure that no big surprises are encountered”, lastly Govindan adds to the vision and mission of the company.

Since the firm’s establishment, the team at elevate has followed a structured approach to offering services, which has resulted in a high success rate and growth of clients. Today, the company offers CFO advisory services to clients hailing from multiple diverse professional sectors. Helping clients double and triple their turnovers, elEVAte is building long term relationships with clients. The firm grows and succeeds with the development of clients, and aspires to continue expanding its reach geographically while retaining the existing clients for the decades to come.