elEVAte BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: Offering a Comprehensive Bouquet Of Corporate Financial Services

GT Kannan,Founder and CEO

GT Kannan

Founder and CEO

No matter how long a company has been operating, it needs a proper plan to function effectively and meet its inception objectives. Irrespective of the size of business, companies face multiple challenges when they start off; and managing finances is one of the major difficulties that most firms commonly come across. Keeping finances in check and analyzing revenue spends can be very taxing for those who lack significant experience, and assigning a fulltime expert Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on board is not only a tough task but it is also an expensive requirement which most businesses fail to meet. Hiring a virtual CFO can take off the strain of finding a CFO and having to worry about the finances; thus, allowing companies to deal with other important things. Understanding the need to bridge the gap between CFOs and business owners, Govindan Thamarai Kannan, a seasoned professional with 25 years’ experience in the corporate finance, took the lead in 2011 and laid the foundation to elEVAte Business Solutions.

The idea behind the inception of elEVAte Business Solutions is to support businesses where the company’s products and technology are very good but the chances of
the firm’s survival are very less. As per our experience, many businesses lag in getting the right decision at the right time, they lack good planning and strategy limitation; they are unable to balance the ups and downs of business trends. We felt that our services could be useful to MSME segments where there is huge demand for good professionals but the supply is low and cost to company is high. We, at elEVAte, serve these companies with best attractive offerings at affordable prices. Our skilled team of experts offers Virtual CFO services which help scale up the operations of the businesses while holding the aspirations to grow graciously and consistently,” says GT Kannan, Founder and CEO, elEVAte Business Solutions.

The Skilled team of elevate offers Virtual CFO services which help scale up the operations of the businesses while holding the aspirations to grow graciously and consistently

Based out of Bangalore, elEVAte Business Solutions is today, a renowned name recognized for offering Corporate Financial Advisory and Services which are one of its kind. A passion-driven firm, elEVAte’s core values lie towards enhancing EVA (Economic Value Addition) of a business. The company never fails to extended a helping hand to the business owners when it comes to offering assistance in developing and validating strategies to make
decisions on growth, individual projects, forward and backward integration; outlining project report for funding to the bankers; Debt Syndication through Banks NBFC’s, Venture capitalist, Private Equity Capital funding, Angel Investors Funding; Due Diligence for M&A & IPO transactions and many more. elEVAte has served a diverse mix of clientele from small, medium and large scale organizations across varying industries like Auto Components, Au-to mobiles, Software Development, Hospitality, OEM, Steel Industries, SCM and many more. The sheer depth of experience and networked presence across the nation qualifies elEVAte Business Solutions as the ‘the go to consultant’ across India.

Charting out the future roadmap of elEVAte Business Solutions, Govindan Thamarai Kannan says, “With a growth rate of 30 percent per year, it is worth mentioning how we have evolved as one of the highest turnover company across the country. We are inclined towards delivering quality services while ensuring that customer satisfaction is always met. At present, we are restricting our self from getting into volume games. We are keen on providing aspiration promoters with matured thinking of the business. We have training programmes planned to bring entrepreneurship to our Sr. Manager while handling the customers. For FY 2017 - 18, we have grossed revenue of 70 lakh rupees, while our FY 2018-19 targets would be aimed at doubling the revenue. With our customers currently based in Bangalore, Chennai and Vizag, in the approaching years we have plans to expand our reach across the areas of Chennai and Coimbatore as well.”