Fairtech Solution: Transforming the Patent Search Landscape via Extensive Databases & Multitalented Manpower

Sameer Mehndiratta,Sales HeadIn accordance with the constantly increasing patent grants in India, the available patent data has reached unimaginably large volumes. Hence, patent searching has evolved as the primordial tool for all organizations today, wherein not just searching patents, but also non-patent and legal literature related to patent projects is essential. Proficient in this magnificent area of patent searching is Fairtech Solution, a boutique IP research & analytics firm that delivers a spectrum of patent search services to clients. In fact, Fairtech is eminent for holding wide access to multiple paid global patent, non-English patent & non-patent databases as well as non-patent literature. This way, the firm is equipped with the right databases besides right manpower, infrastructure, and even geographical presence to offer more number of man hours, best outcomes, and quick TAT to clients at competitive prices. Moreover, cent percent data privacy and guaranteed quality along with 24x7x365 active service offerings and expert support places Fairtech Solution way above its peers in the market.

Patent Search Redefined

The biggest strength of Fairtech
Solution is its exhaustive search methodology that identifies the inconsistencies such as dictionary synonyms or abstract & creative ways used to describe the same technology across various patents. Sameer Mehndiratta, Sales Head, Fairtech Solution, adds, “We work in tandem with our clients to identify the existing and proven technologies that are licensed to save their time and reduce their market risks”.

Fairtech Solution provides complete prosecution and litigation support services entailing opposition/re-examination for the clients’ IPs

Instead of being completely reliant on technology to protect clients’ Intellectual Property (IP), the firm follows manual iterative & adaptive searches with three-tiered quality check system (six sigma approach) to get a deeper analysis and extraction of relevant results.

Distinctively, Fairtech Solution looks into keywords, classes, variations in search terms & their synonyms and industry-used terms for each invention, proposed solution, application area, and applications of invention. Besides, the firm manually crafts search logic/strings exclusively for Background, Title, Abstract, Detailed Description, and Claims. Fairtech extends its arm in performing extensive citation analysis, name-based analysis, and file wrapper analysis for the patents while taking into account different patent classification
schemes such as IPC classes, ECLA, Derwent classification, CPC classes, FI terms, to name a few. To further comprehend the clients’ IP in a better way, the firm adopts engagement models namely – on demand project based (for pilot projects & individual large assignments), Full Time Equivalent (for large & sustained workflows), and dedicated patent scientists – offshore (for continuous patent & IP works).


Fairtech Solution in highly specialized in a wide bracket of areas ranging from patentability search, prior-art search, white space analysis, competitive intelligence, freedom to operate search (FTO), infringement analysis, and many others. Altogether, the firm provides complete prosecution and litigation support services entailing opposition/re-examination for the clients’ IPs. The masterminds behind these services stand the multilingual search technicians and experts enriched with the best blend of technological & domain expertise across each segment search. This high caliber and well-experienced team of Fairtech hold proven track records for innovation and delivering top-notch service in tune with the requirements of both domestic & international clients.

Backed by its people, culture and attitude of adapting to change, Fairtech Solution aspires to remain as a one-stop-shop for creation, managing and commercialization of patents for its clients that include Fortune 500 companies, leading technology consulting firms, SMEs, corporate law firms, and many others.