FinBrains: One Stop Solutions Provider for All the Finance and Compliance Needs

Nipun Grover,Co-Founder & CEO

Nipun Grover

Co-Founder & CEO

What if the financial inputs are not accurate? Well, it can lead to stakeholders making wrong decisions hence affecting the overall growth of the company. An accountant performing the role of a virtual CFO is not only widening the client base and growing revenue but also riding a wave of increasing demand. SMEs and startups that are looking to grow to the next level are very apprehensive to invest on hiring a CFO who can carve out the overall growth strategy of the company.

FinBrains, a financial & business solutions provider, offers a cost-effective solution allowing the client to not just manage the entire compliance of the company, but also helps the founders and promoters with an overall growth plan.“We feel this is the area where most of the startups and SME’s should be more careful in their approach and should always have the access to basic numbers and reports showing the cash burn, runway, growth versus historical numbers etc.”, explained Nipun Grover, Co-Founder, FinBrains.

As a business service provider, FinBrains provides the right processes which are unique to every organization and helps clients in their financial growth. “It is extremely important to understand if we apply the processes of a Fortune 500 company to a start-up, it will just not work.
These processes may be the best in the industry but might not be flexible to modify as per the needs of startups”, added Nipun.

FinBrains helps to identify the exceptional approaches and processes for every company without affecting the day to day activities and still manage to control and mitigate the risks in the organization.

Premium Financial & Business Solutions
It becomes frustrating for the founders and promoters to deal with various consultants which leads to unnecessary delay in the processes. With the help of an in-house team of CAs, CS and lawyers, FinBrains offers one-stop solutions for the finance and compliance needs of companies. During fundraising, FinBrains can help in handling the entire process end-to-end, including drafting the agreements, doing the secretarial compliances, handling the due diligence audits, liaising with investors and getting all the paperwork done to close the fundraising round.

“We at FinBrains believe - It is better to prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair. The biggest advantage of our company is that we prepare the organizations since day 1 and help them build the right processes and strategy for their businesses”, said Sankalp Arora, Co-Founder, FinBrains.

FinBrains provides the right processes which are unique to every organization and helps clients in their financial growth

Further, Team at FinBrains has handled fundraising activities for a lot of startups like, Mobikwik, Hooliv, etc. wherein FinBrains has handled the entire process, starting from assisting in Due Diligence to getting the paperwork done. In regards to Virtual CFO services, the company is associated with brands like LBB (Little Black Book),, Hooliv, Trulymadly,,, and many more.

As FinBrains moves forward in the future, aware of the sophisticated and tech-driven CFO domain, the company is in the process of developing a Self Service Portal for clients. This will help the clients to avail services on a real-time basis. The service will be limited to FinBrains’ clients only; however, any startup or company can register themselves and avail services online.