Fincare Capital: Creating Viable Investment Plans for your Secure Future Goals

Prasanna Kumar Mulpuri,Business HeadEvery parent desires best for their children while ensuring that enough money is saved to pay for kids’ education and their own retirement. This clearly calls for savings today to have a balanced tomorrow. However, the 2017 Financial Mindset Study reports state that 47 percent of employees want to learn more about saving for child’s education, while only 24 percent of plan sponsors believe that this help would be fundamental. In this dilemmatic situation, Prasanna Kumar Mulpuri, Business Head, Fincare Capital, recommends child education and retirement investment plans believing that ‘rupee saved is as good as the rupee earned’.

Serving its clients with utmost honesty and integrity, Hyderabad-based Fincare Capital provides financial investment services and wealth advisory with strategies based on proactive consultation and client-centric personalized approach. Fincare Capital focuses on saving & investing smarter, and managing debt better to achieve a brighter financial future while having respected and rewarding relationship with its clients and businesses. With its thorough research and user friendly services, Fincare Capital’s prowess lies in minimizing customer’s risk factor and represent the customer’s view while deciding for investments
or other financial goals. The company takes maximum information from the clients regarding their personal & financial profiles (risk taking ability, investing duration, goal based planning, and need based planning) to suggest them various existing plans like mutual funds, bonds, debentures, health insurance and life insurance policies.

With its thorough research and user friendly services, Fincare Capital’s prowess lies in minimizing customer’s risk factor and represent the customer’s view while deciding for investments or other financial goals

Save Safer & Invest Better
Established in 2013, Fincare Capital proffers goal & retirement planning solutions for employees working in public sector companies, private corporates, professionals like doctors, advocates, & business peo, and educational institutions, along with managing the investments of retired employees of BHEL, NTPC, ICRISAT, and Defense, to name a few. In India, people focus more on children education and marriage that is today shooting from lakhs to crores; goad-based planning solutions involving safe investments in multiple platforms like tax free bonds, mutual funds, alternate investments, and insurance, to name a few, are suggested to suffice their future requirements. Along with tax planning, its team of experts advice suitable products for working professions for reducing income tax. Catering to 400+ clients across
Bangalore, Hyderabad, Middle East, Europe, U.S. & Canada, NRIs also trust Fincare Capital for its services that help them plan acquisition, investments, and health insurance for their dependents in India. “In cases of medical emergencies, people often lose their savings in bills. We research & suggest the right product to them in the health insurance segment that fits their bill perfectly,” elucidates Prasanna. Complying with SEBI, AMFI, IRDA, and NC guidelines, Fincare Capital has its own set of rules wherein it doesn’t promote any particular company, hence the benefit of neutrality.

Assistance with Integrity
Investments are sound but for NRIs, it becomes an add-on expense as they travel to India for individual presence. Considering this apprehension, Fincare Capital developed an online platform and app is in making for clients to enable them make transactions and get a consolidated report of their acquired assets and other investments without the need of their physical presence. Similarly, for senior citizens, failing to understand changing technologies, Fincare Capital becomes their helping hand and comprehensively explains about the risk in the market, the product, and how to go ahead with the implementation.

Being awarded with the prestigious MSME Award for 2017 and recording a revenue growth of over 20 percent annually in the last five years, Fincare Capital envisions to become the most respected company in the field of financial advisory & wealth management, and plans to build long term relationships with clients by understanding their beliefs & requirements to help them achieve financial goals and aspirations,” concludes Prasanna.