Finovoice: Guiding Investors through Smart Investment Decisions

Neeraj Kawadkar,  FounderToday, with the increasing financial inclusion and literacy, people’s interest in stock market is at an all-time high. While India’s stock advisory services domain is still in its nascent stages, this presents great potential for growth and development in the coming years. Yet, despite the growing demand, there is a lack of ample SEBI registered advisors who can transparently guide market participants to make informed investment decisions.

Based out of Bengaluru, Finovoice a SEBI registered stock market research analyst is a young and budding stock advisory firm that aims to bridge the gaps in stock advisory services domain by offering legitimate, transparent and performance-based services to people wanting to invest in the stock market.

“Finovoice’s foundation is rooted in the recognition of the need for reliable financial guidance. The founders of Finovoice set out to create a platform that prioritizes the best interests of investors, fostering a foundation built results. Our primary focus is delivering unparalleled stock market advisory, emphasizing affordability for small-sized investors aimed to safeguard clients from unregistered advisors, offering trustworthy recommendations backed by extensive research and reliable data. We go beyond mere recommendations by adopting a teaching approach, empowering our clients with a thorough understanding of the market", shares Neeraj Kawadkar, Founder of Finovoice.

With a client-centric approach as its core value, the company offers services under
three distinct plans including the Lite Plan, Elite Plan, and Infinite Plan. The Lite plan offers critical guidance whereas the elite plan offers more comprehensive services including ongoing support as well as mentoring sessions. The Infinite plan offers tailored services, targeted towards high net worth individuals; consisting of support in the form of performance monitoring, 24x7 personal availability, and continued support. Across all service verticals, Finovoice’s commitment to client education, and transparent advisory which enables them to make sound financial decisions and build wealth, remains constant.

With the aim to better educate stock market investors, the company teaches its clients the importance of practicing peaceful investing methods. Highlighting how running for easy money through aggressive FnO trading can be more loss incurring, the company emphasizes the need to hire SEBI licensed advisors who can guide through of a disciplined trading approach.

“At Finovoice, we set ourselves apart by prioritizing quality and performance over sheer client numbers. Unlike other financial advisory firms, our focus is not on quantity but on delivering impactful guidance to every client throughout their market journey. We believe in client retention through tangible results and investment appreciation. Our differentiation lies in a personalized approach to research recommendations. Instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, we tailor our advice to meet the specific needs and goals of each client”, further shares Neeraj.

At Finovoice, we set ourselves apart by prioritizing quality and performance over sheer client numbers

Future Aspirations

Established by qualified experts with comprehensive experience, Finovoice stands out in the industry as a dynamic, agile, and knowledge-rich advisor. The past experiences of the founders shape the company’s competence and reliability, while the company’s journey so far, full of challenges and achievements, reinforces its resilience. From humble beginnings to significant expansion, the firm has undergone a lot of growth, which is the result of transparent advisory services.

Keeping up with its growth trajectory, the company has set some well-planned strategies for its future expansion. These strategies are built around the foundational aspiration of establishing a robust base in market research. The firm is currently focused on implementing time-tested strategies through automation, which will mark a transition to a wider range of services. This expansion will enable the firm to establish itself as a fund house and rating agency. With the goal of advancing its service portfolio and integrating data-driven solutions, the company is geared up to bolster its position.