Company of the Year – 2019: Print & Packaging ERP

Finsys ERP: Streamlining Business Processes

Sangeet Kr Gupta and Puneet Gupta (Principal Advisors),Today, when everyone is excited about industry 4.0, Finsys ERP, a New Delhi based ERP software company, is giving people a method, technology, and a standard operating procedure of running their manufacturing and sales processes in an enhanced way. Working on verticals such as corrugation packaging, duplex folded cartons manufacturing, flexible packaging, book publishing, rigid box, label printing, and so on, Finsys ERP has the right solutions for resolving impossible challenges across the industry. “In Japanese, there is a term Poka Yoke, which means mistake proofing, and in our work, we have incorporated this philosophy. We are into an industry which is growing at more than 20 percent per annum in India for quite some time. But compared to others, we at Finsys ERP have created a system which ensures that no wrong material is issued to the customers. Many people look up to us as one of the top ERP solution providers for print and packaging companies,” says Puneet Gupta, Principal Advisor, Finsys ERP.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Operations
Established in 1991, over the years, Finsys ERP has provided customer oriented manufacturing solutions round the clock. The company has synchronized operations across the value chain, right from the vendors, machines, operators to the stores, quality of the shipment, and the customers. Recently, Finsys ERP has incorporated automation services for stores, where a storekeeper gets alerted on the mobile application regarding product orders. Explaining with an example, Sangeet Kr Gupta, Principal Advisor, Finsys ERP, says, “It’s like going into a fantasy world. Automation of the business helps the storekeeper to issue the right ink and suitable paper for a job. And if the storekeeper uses wrong material, the phone displays,‘Hi,the reel/carton/ ink/adhesive you have used is wrong and is not applicable for this paper/shopJob Card’. This is one small example out of the thousands of things which can be done to create automation and poka yoke litigation situation in packaging industry”.

Incorporating latest ERP solutions to its categories, Finsys ERP has alleviated everyday vendor challenges. Every morning, the vendors receive a reminder message regarding orders. “We tell them, ‘bhai tumko aaj ye maal mujhko bhejna hai, aur ye maal pichle teen din se overdue chal raha hai’,
which effectively means,‘Brother, you need to deliver these products today, and this delivery is pending from the past three days’. We are also giving the vendors an option to click and go to his vendor portal on the server and see the pending payments. This reduces the operation time, as well as it’s a transparent process and easy to handle by Indian manufacturers,” shares Sangeet. He continues to explain, “Our ERP solutions have also simplified sales processes for the sales teams. They can get the overall production details without calling anyone. So, all these processes make life easy for the people who are working on field and they come-out as champion service providers.”

Finsys ERP has incorporated automation services for stores, where a storekeeper gets alerted on the mobile application regarding product orders

Backed by Family Values
Started by M.L. Gupta and his two sons, Puneet and Sangeet, Finsys ERP has its firm roots in other verticals apart from the printing and packaging industry as well. Describing its market acquirements, M.L. Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director, Finsys ERP, says, “ERP is a bundle of multiple technology driven facilities, and we at Finsys guarantee enriched services to the electronics industry, plastic & rubber molding companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the automotive sector. Finsys ERP has been talking to machines and machines are replying. Everybody who have joined us has received successful ERP solutions. The production directors are giving their downtime directly to the ERP while they might be sitting in their cabin and attending a conference in Mumbai, Germany or China, simultaneously. This also enables the directors to manage production through ERP solutions”.

Finsys ERP is providing affluent ERP implementation services to Indian & non-Indian manufacturers in South-East/West Asia/Africa, catering to the needs of label and labour turnover Packaging Manufacturing businesses through technology driven solutions. “Today, customers want the right quality & quantity at the right time and price. Using ERP solution assures companies to do so, but when the systems are not technology driven, there are chances for businesses to have a discontinuity in its production operations due to confusions. For this, we have created an ERP system where people are able to scale their operations the way they want. Though these challenges are continuous, the solutions are continuous as well, provided companies allow staff to use ERP solutions properly. Years back, when smartphones were not invented, it was hassling moment for companies to stay updated with manufacturing processes. But today, Finsys ERP is helping and integrating everybody in a company with ERP applications. The companies are staying aligned to manufacturing processes,” states Sangeet.

Presently, Finsys ERP is working on a new mission – ‘Making Business Better’(MBB). Implying its features, Puneet says, “In some companies, the management doesn’t see the software management or management information system (MIS) reports. But if the top management level of a company CXO, CFO, CMO, the plant heads, and the director come together and start analyzing data, they can attain ERP based KPI (Key Performance Indicator)and make the company more productive. And, we at Finsys ERP are constantly striving to help them make business performance better, right from scratch!”.