Frontiza: Charting the Course to Financial Excellence

Hemadrii Roy,   Founder

Hemadrii Roy


In today's world, the quest for insurance coverage has ignited a spark within individuals across diverse domains. Numerous companies have emerged as guardians, guiding the public towards an enlightened understanding of the significance of investment. Frontiza is a rapidly expanding company in the realm of financial products distribution. Their core principles revolve around fostering enduring connections built on trust, transparency, and a commitment to excellence. Frontiza offers a diverse range of investment options, including stock market products, insurance policies, and mutual funds, among others and commenced their insurance operations the previous year upon obtaining a CA license from IRDAI. With an impressive collection of nearly 18 million premiums, Frontiza’s business quality is commendable, supported by a 100 percent 13thmonth persistence rate. Clients have easy access to a comprehensive suite of investment opportunities through Frontiza's mobile technology. Frontiza distinguishes itself with its innovative PHYGITAL approach, providing enhanced convenience and cutting-edge solutions in the industry.

Frontiza takes immense pride in organizing a distinctive workshop known as ‘JIO SHAAN SE’, specifically tailored for retirees who depend on their life savings through PF and gratuity. Through this extraordinary event, they create an environment where retirees can gather, connect, and gain valuable insights into the challenges they may face in their post-retirement journey.

The investment landscape has undergone significant changes in the past decade, primarily due to the widespread availability of digital media. This has empowered consumers with greater knowledge and information. However, there has been a shift in focus towards execution rather than deepening knowledge. Frontiza tailors their solutions, accordingly, recognizing that the needs of a retired individual differ from those of a young person. This personalized approach allows them to effectively respond to each customer's unique needs and present suitable investment solutions.

“We examine different funds thoroughly, including talking to the fund's house, looking at the fund's performance report, and learning as much as possible about the fund manager's history. We always ensure that customers understand where they are putting their money. We frequently engage with our customers in smallg roups physical interaction with market experts", shares Hemadrii Roy, Founder, Frontiza.

We divide the customers into segments based on needs & age ranges & work to address their issues

What began as a modest office with three dedicated team members has now expanded to encompass six locations with a workforce of over 40 Frontizians. Strengthening its reach, Frontiza has also established partnerships with trusted business associates across various regions. With a customer base of over 6,000 satisfied clients and assets under distribution exceeding 2.5 billion, Frontiza's growth is a testament to its success. Looking ahead, the organization is resolute in its ambition to establish a dynamic distribution network nationwide within the next five years.

Compliance is crucial in today's financial landscape, with managing money requiring adherence to regulations. With extensive retail industry experience, Frontiza understands the value customers place on trust and integrity. As a distributor, their role is to provide accurate information transparently, not act as a portfolio manager.

The utmost priority for Frontiza has always been to establish itself as a trusted choice for its valued clients. In the coming years, Frontiza plans to focus on its existing product offerings while simultaneously working towards establishing a robust distribution network. However, the organization remains steadfast in its dedication to the financial sector, leveraging its core expertise to drive future success.