FundsGuru: Taking Ambiguity & Fear Away from Investing

Suhag Patel, Founder & CEO

Suhag Patel, Founder & CEO

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors of all time, believes that, “Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time”. Easier said than done, for a common man with low or no knowledge about investing principles, investing itself might seem like a daunting idea. Following principles laid down by Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger and working towards simplifying investing for the average Indian is FundsGuru, a provider of advisory and investment services. Having developed an easy to use and transparent platform, the firm enables users to enjoy the high-growth advantage of mutual funds from anywhere in the country. Functioning with the objective of creating maximum wealth for its clients, FundsGuru’s experienced team of certified financial advisors helps clients generate the best returns for their investments and achieve their financial dreams.

Mutual Funds Made Simpler
Although Indians are staunch believers when it comes to saving money, the very thought of investing money in mutual funds
perturbs many. Coming from a place of fear and lack of knowledge, many believe that investing in mutual funds can be highly risky. However, what people fail to understand is that mutual funds provide economies of scale, a higher level of diversification, liquidity, and are managed by professional investors. “We work towards educating people to understand that they can invest based on their risk tolerance, risk capacity and return expectations,” explains Suhag Patel, Founder & CEO, FundsGuru. The FundsGuru platform recommends the best mutual funds in the country keeping in mind the principle of portfolio diversification and optimization. Taking into consideration various levels of risk tolerance, market capitalization and investment objectives, the firm has also put together 12 ready-made portfolios for clients to choose from.

"We work towards educating people to understand that they can invest based on their risk tolerance, risk capacity and return expectations"

Bringing ease of use, the platform allows clients to get started easily with the free-for-life account by only using their PAN and Aadhaar number. Users also received valuable tips and recommendations provided by FundsGuru’s expert advisor’s and can make secure and easy transactions from anywhere in the country. The platform also provides users with a complete view of information in place through the dashboard. Users can also make changes to existing investments or start new ones at any time.
Secure Accounts & Payments
Where money is concerned, reliability and security automatically come into play. In order to harbour trust and ensure security, FundsGuru has put in place various checks which match with the highest security standards followed in the industry. In order to sign into the account, one requires an e-KYC and a live photo. The information is then checked through algorithms post which the user can log into the main dashboard. Also, when an investment is made, the funds get transferred directly to regulated mutual fund companies. “We provide bank-grade security, which protects our clients’ personal information at all time,” adds Suhag.

Journeying Further
Founded in 2017, FundsGuru is working towards simplifying its platform and has adopted the concept of minimalism to avoid the clutter of any kind. Currently, in its Beta phase, the platform has so far roused a positive response from its users who have witnessed a growth in wealth. The next 6-8 months will see the platform go live for Android as well as iOS users.

While working towards developing AI-based investing, the firm has not overlooked offline services and is looking to include stock broking, government securities, corporate FDs, bonds, and others in its roster of products. Hailing from a quintessential Gujarati household, Suhag is drawing on his business acumen to aid his clients in creating maximum wealth.