Geojit Financial Services: Complete Online Tool for Goal Planning & Retirement

Jeevan Kumar K.C,Head - Investment Advisory Services

Jeevan Kumar K.C
Head - Investment Advisory Services

Spontaneity as a concept has been highly romanticized in pop culture. However, in reality, life favours systematic planners; more so when it comes to planning finances. Be it to meet short term or long term goals, preparing for rainy days or staying ahead of inflation, financial planning is the avenue to attain one’s objectives. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge, awareness and discipline often act as deterrents for individuals looking to create wealth through personal financial planning. Enabling clients to make informed decisions on personal finances and fostering the habit of disciplined savings is the primary objective of Geojit Financial Services.

A pioneer in end-to-end online financial planning service, Geojit has developed a unique online financial planning tool that enables users to manage their personal finances on their own. Having over 987,000 clients, the firm is committed to making people understand the criticality of goal-based planning and
systematic investments.

"Geojit has launched its online tool which functions on the same principles of an offline financial planner, that too without any fee"

Spearheading the Personal Financial Landscape
The concept of fee-based financial planning is fairly new in India. While the metros are home to a majority of them, yet Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities are in dire need of cost-effective financial planning services. Answering the market needs, Geojit has launched its online tool which functions on the same principles of an offline financial planner, that too without any fee. Based on various inputs such as investments, income, expenses, assets, loans, and insurance, the tool helps to define life goals and presents a comprehensive plan which helps to wisely manage money to bring about financial security and peace of mind through informed decision making.

“Our financial planning platform helps you input your personal details, understand your risk profile, analyse net worth, perform financial wellness check, plan your life goals & retirement, and generate a financial plan and periodically monitor your financial goals,” says Jeevan Kumar K.C, Head - Investment Advisory Services, Geojit. The details are then analysed and various investments are channelized to meeting the life goals. The tool’s dynamic dashboard provides users with a complete view of their progress in terms of achieving
financial goals, where payments are due, timely reminders for upcoming payments and portfolio tracker, among others. All reminders, alerts and messages are automated.

Unbiased Advice is the Key
While Geojit’s online financial planning platform only provides financial plan, the firm also renders other products such as online trading platform, mobile trading platform, fundamental research, technical research, commodity research and mutual fund research & distribution. “We have a set of mutual funds that we suggest to clients based on our internal research in both equity and debt. One could choose schemes that suits their risk profile and goals,” explains Jeevan. Online planning helps in providing unbiased advice since the analysis as well as recommendations are carried-out by the software and no human intervention happens. Unlike quasi online services provided by other companies, Geojit’s online planning tool provides complete online planning service.

Pioneering Financial Planning
Geojit has always endeavoured to stay ahead of the market in terms of bringing-in new services to engage more public to participate in capital markets. The company was also the first broker to come-up with online trading platform in India. The firm is now leveraging Analytics and AI to achieve an edge in the market. “Going forward, we will explore possibilities of making investing activity simple and easily accessible for larger population,” concludes Jeevan.