GI Outsourcing: adding exceptional value to clients through cutting-edge solutions

Vikas Chadha - Managing Director,Abhijit Adhya - Director, Business Transformations and Manoj Kadam - Vice President, Operations

Vikas Chadha

Managing Director

Partnering with a wide range of practices around the world, GI Outsourcing is a leader in out-sourced accountancy services provided by India-based professionals, employing an innovative approach and the latest technology to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

Established by a UK Chartered Accountancy firm some 20 years ago, GI Outsourcing, an ISO 9001 quality management system accredited firm, has received several prestigious accolades, including British Accountancy Awards and 2020 Innovation Awards. The core services include, preparation of annual statutory accounts, bookkeeping, management reporting and payroll.

Innovation and advancement in technology mean that GI Outsourcing today works with all the major cloud accounting software suppliers, including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, CCH, Caseware, Iris as well as many of the large ERP systems, such as Dynamics, SAP and Oracle.

"We see ourselves as an `enabler' of clients' strategies," said Vikas Chadha, the firm's newly-appointed India-based Managing Director. "We support them in achieving their goals by providing low-cost cutting edge compliance solutions, which allow its clients to focus on adding additional value to their own client relationships by freeing up time and resources for the provision of proactive advisory services."

Urgent assistance
"Where clients have urgent requirements, the team at GI Outsourcing can step in and lend assistance as and when it is required. We are the only outsourcing organization in this space to have dedicated account managers based both in India & UK for our clients to reach out 24 /7, should they require support," said Abhijit Adhya, Director-Business Transformations. "Increasing the attractiveness of our offering, fees are fixed and priced carefully to ensure excellent value. GI Outsourcing requires no minimum commitment, meaning our clients can use the firm's services as and when they are required."

Dedicated Resource Model
GI Outsourcing offers a dedicated resource model (DRM), which allows the firm to, in effect, embed a member of its outsourced team within the client's workplace.

"Working remotely, our team member can assist clients as if they were a member of the client's team, significantly reducing the client's costs, whilst ensuring they have the support they need," said Manoj Kadam, VP Operations.

"These team members are highly qualified and experienced people, trained to meet the client's exacting requirements so that they
can be integrated into any team easily."

In addition to its outsourced compliance offering, GI Outsourcing offers its SMART service on a white-label basis. SMART allows a business or accountancy practice to completely outsource its finance function.

Mr Chadha added: "This typically results in a significant improvement to a practice or business's insights by providing enhanced management reporting and up-to-date financial in-formation from which to assess key performance indicators. Our fees are typically a third of what it would cost to develop a similar team in the UK, whilst offering the same level of expertise and support."

Abhijit Adhya, Director, Business Transformations

The local difference
Unlike other offshore outsourcing businesses, the teams at GI Out-sourcing are always led by `in region' account management teams, who can work closely with clients, meeting them face to face and ensuring greater accountability.

"This means that they are better able to understand the local culture, values and industry requirements," explains Mr. Kadam "This helps the firm build strong, longer-lasting relationships with its clients that its competitors are simply unable to match."

Manoj Kadam, Vice President, Operations

The future
GI Outsourcing headquartered in UK, is now looking at robust expansion plans and strengthening its footprint in India. "Our ambition is to become go-to advisers on emerging areas of technology, such as advanced AI, robotics, machine learning and automation, helping us to develop our services and act as consultants to our clients when they are looking to improve their systems. We have established an `incubator unit' to experiment and pilot a number of these innovations" added Mr. Adhya.

Adopting cloud technology, and major accountancy software supplier applications like Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, CCH, Caseware, Iris as well as many of the large ERP systems such as Dynamics, SAP and Oracle, GI Outsourcing has shaded the service quality with impressive artworks

"Our app advisory service helps clients research apps and implement them successfully into their existing solutions and technologies. We value our people and so we have robust training programs as a part of our GI Academy, which helps our staff harness process, soft as well as professional training and ertifications, partly or fully aided by the company" says Debosmita Ghoshal, Head of HR.

This will help the firm expand geographically to other English-speaking nations, such as the US, Canada & Australia as well as allowing it to develop new teams in other locations around the world.