GlobexWallet: Making Debt Raising Process Simplified, Globally

The Global Investor today, is more interested in investing into opportunities that can offer him maximum ROI,thus channelising his pool of surplus savings. GlobexWallet is one such place where the lenders and the borrowers can conduct business online. As the name goes, GlobexWallet is an amalgamation of two words ­ Global Exchange and Wallet(Purse).

GlobexWallet is an online marketplace for SME loans. It provides a platform that connects Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs) with Banks/ NBFCS/FIs through online as well as offline channels. When it comes to experience and authenticity of the portal has been recognised by several users that conducted business on the platform who have posted their reviews on the portal.

Easy Application Process & Best Interest Rates
Being online, the company are just a click away waiting to serve its clients. Through an online algorithm, the clients can select interest rates & tenure best suited to their needs. A continuous information update through regular SMS & Email updates on the status of their case.

The End-to-end application assistance eases out the experience of clients at every step of their loan application process. It provides loans for all the client's needs. Be it project loan, working capital loan, foreign currency loan, LAP, NPA settlement or structured loan products, the company has it all covered. GlobexWallet understands the challenges faced by the clients in the debt raising process. It also acts as Professional Advisers through a team of CAs & Banking Veterans located across India to assist the clients locally as well as at the top most level.

Globexwallet connects SMEs with banks through its online portal. This saves more time and efforts during debt raising process. This in turn cuts a hassle free path for the
businesses and allows them to focus more upon their business growth. The company proudly considers itself as the financial representatives that assists its customers to meticulously evaluate their loan requirements and approach the right forum for fulfilment of their monetary needs.
Navin Vishwakarma, Founder & CEO
Customer Accretion Partners & Service Delivery Partners
GlobexWallet extends a warm invite to the existing retail loan DSAs of banks/NBFCs, Liability Sales Teams off the payroll, CA, Lawyers etc. to join its bandwagon with an exciting opportunity of a longterm partnership with the company. As Customer Accretion Partners of Globexwallet, the clients shall be responsible for referring to or acquiring a customer for Globexwallet. With the right number of focused efforts, GlobexWallet can be an additional source of income for its clients with the potential to surpass their annual earnings just by acquiring a few customers during the whole year.

The unique and modernised concept of a digitalised portal for debt raising brings the lender and borrower under the same spectrum, offering them to leverage benefits from each other

GlobexWallet also offers its clients to post their services online as a Service Delivery Partner. Any CA in the field of Debt Syndication or an Ex-Banker can get customers without putting much efforts in marketing & customer acquisition. The company caters to a wide channel network of businesses and the Debt Syndication cases in the city will keep landing at the client's table. The ever increasing network of the company can make their earnings grow multifold within a short span of time.