Hexagon Wealth Advisors: A One-Stop-Solution Provider Assisting Clients through their Investment Choices

Gurpreet Singh,Founder

Gurpreet Singh, Founder

There has been a significant change in how people view investment. For instance, the baby boomers who preferred investing in the stock market are a world apart from the millennial generation that are often skeptical of the trade business. However, the common thread between the two generations is the lack of a clear understanding of the investment options as the market undergoes a volley of changes. At such times, client's requires hand-holding from the very beginning. Guiding them through their investment journey to make informed financial decisions till their financial goal realization is Delhi-based Hexagon Wealth Advisors (HWA).

An Educational Approach
HWA is a Mutual Fund Advisory Firm founded by Gurpreet Singh, a qualified Chartered Accountant in the business of Mutual Funds since 1995. The firm understands the information overload the client goes through, hence has moudled itself to be a one-point service provider that specializes in all investment & tax saving options like Mutual funds, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance, to name a few. Before plunging in the resolutions,
the team tracks the investment goals of the clients and even triggers suitable changes near to the culmination of the goal period for higher returns.

"We never chase our clients with investment plans but suggest them the right choice to make"

HWA specializes in providing practical, result oriented and viable investment solutions to clients and educates them about proposed investment plans to develop a better understanding of the conduciveness of the Investment Plans to the Investor’s requirement. Regular ‘Investor Awareness Programs’ and its proprietary website contribute to the clients’ education by providing information about investment in different asset classes. “Clients get in touch with us through ‘Ask a Query’ or directly through the number given on our website and after that, we take the client through the Financial Planning process as per their goals,” adds Gurpreet. The firm also has an office in Gurgaon to facilitate clients wishing to meet in person with the highly experienced HWA team.

For many, investment plans are not an accessible path to traverse, and clients often find it difficult to deal with institutions like the asset management companies, banks, postal department, and other financial institutions. In compliance with SEBI/AMFI, HWA simplifies the approach to investment and helps clients with paperwork regarding other investments like shares, bonds, postal schemes and insurance, and make them KYC compliant as well.

“Instead of one-way
communication, we believe in regular face-to-face interaction with the clients, and as a result, our customer base has grown organically due repeat business from satisfied customers,” states Gurpreet. Moreover, to make the client’s financial future secure, HWA helps clients re-evaluate their goals regularly due to changes in the cost of the goals, clients earning and alterations in his standard of living.

Thanks to such holistic approach, the firm today receives third generation members from clients’ families and offers them an end-to-end financial education. “We never chase our clients with investment plans but suggest them the right choice to make. Taxation is one such example where we, with the help of expertise in personal taxation, offer our clients with tax efficient tailor-made solutions,” states Gurpreet.

To Infinity & Beyond
The blend of company expertise with technology like high-end software akin to Invest well (which makes reviewing & tracking client profiles convenient) and the online mutual fund platform of the NSE provide a seamless, secure, paperless and digital transaction facility to clients. The highly secured software can only be accessed by the clients with unique username & ID provided to them. HWA is currently working on a financial investment education application to provide users with financial guidance at their fingertips. “We will also offer an online portfolio view through our App in addition to our website while making goal tracking easier for clients,” concludes Gurpreet.