Hirani Accounting: Complete Solution for Accounting & Bookkeeping Requirements for Australian Accounting Firms

 Sairoz Hirani,  FounderTo be certain that their company's finances are in the correct hands, a reputable firm must have extensive experience and knowledge in handling finances. Fortunately, Sairoz Hirani and her team at Hirani Accounting accomplish just that. Being an accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing firm founded in 2015, Hirani Accounting provides services mainly to Australian Accounting firms. Instead of focusing on making money, the company seeks to hire graduates who are pursuing CAs and support them as they develop. This will give them real-world experience, software expertise, opportunities to gain confidence, communication skills, and the capacity to combine teamwork and planning. The business is driven by genuine passion, knowledge, and competence, which are executed through a stimulating and positive work environment, and most importantly, through the concept of ‘empowering’.

Although, by 2020, the corporate sector will have undergone substantial changes, and the company has made a strong effort to consider these changes. To address the problems that arise from this adaptation, which has enforced discipline and self-management, all employees are required to update their job control sheets simultaneously while working to report their progress throughout the day. The management holds weekly meetings with each accountant and schedules monthly team gatherings to promote camaraderie and create a positive work atmosphere.

Tech advanced Data Security
Data is updated and processed using the most recent and up-to-date financial
accounting software, such as Quickbooks and Xero. However, other programs like myob, myob essentials, handisoft, odoo, payroller, and dext are also used for Australian accounting. The values of the firms encourage attributes of honesty, ethics, and integrity, which are ingrained in the accountants' work. These adhere to the firm's mission, vision, tenets, and values, which are consistently reaffirmed through its commitment. All devices have antivirus software installed, and data is kept in a private cloud service. The management and firm's efforts to safeguard customer privacy and data security are ongoing and deliberate. “The most significant and crucial concerns that clients have while seeking financial accounting services are data security, transparency, errorless output, and quick turnaround time. Hirani Accounting completely understands the client's concerns and provides them the required services at a reasonable cost”, explained Sairoz Hirani, Founder, Hirani Accounting.

Hirani Accounting completely understands the client's concerns and provides them with the required services at a reasonable cost

Additionally, the accounting service includes payroll, bookkeeping, annual accounts, and self managed super fund accounts. Each of these services is provided with the highest discretion, accuracy, and adherence to the client's needs. The firm's payroll service is crucial since it creates and transmits to clients on the same day the pay slips for the casual workers of its many clients on a weekly and biweekly basis. Since then, the accountants have maintained the clients' books so they are ready for quarterly GST filings and also year end accounts done for their annual tax returns.

Hirani Accounting provides services to a diverse clientele such as high network individuals, companies, partnerships, trusts and Self Managed Super Fund. Their clients are engaged in industries such as the service industry, education, banking telecommunications, media, healthcare, import/export, franchise operators, doctors, dentists, engineers, IT experts and others. To address all of the client's accounting needs, the company serves as a full-service backend support for the international CPA business.

Conclusively, the company currently serves more than 500 clients. The company produces 250+ year end accounts, completes 220+ quarterly books for clients, and serves 50+ weekly/fortnightly payroll clients each year. The business started with the inconceivable objective of having 1000 clients by the year 2030 and it is now proudly moving toward achieving that target earlier than anticipated. The company has currently extended its reach to other potential clients from the US and Canada who are looking for financial accounting services.