IMS Decimal: Spreading its Footprints across the Globe with its Holistic Approach

Fenil Shah,Vice President - Operations

Fenil Shah

Vice President - Operations

India is regarded as a major outsourcing destination, with some of the best outsourcing providers that have been able to adapt to changing needs. If we go a decade back, outsourcing was a privilege only enjoyed by some of the biggest corporations. They were the ones who first realized how easily they could increase the quality of their operations and reduce cost by outsourcing services, but today the same advantages are available to midsize and small businesses as well. Further, the pandemic has compelled firms to reconsider their business models. Previously, many organizations were hesitant to outsource their finance function or allow finance employees to work from home, owing to software constraints. However, in recent years, it has been more customary for firms to outsource parts or all of their finance functions, opening up new business opportunities for companies based in India, like IMS Decimal.

IMS Decimal specializes in rendering outsourced accounting and financial services to businesses in various industrial verticals and provides scalable, flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to companies in the UK, US, UAE, Australia, and New Zealand. Pay & Bill and Payroll, Bookkeeping, Credit Control, Management Accounting and Reporting, Accountancy, and Financial Consultancy are among the firm’s services.

A notch above the other
Some firms find it challenging to introduce new clients without generating a loss of attention among team members when the operations team is already busy providing work for existing clients. IMS Decimal has
solved this challenge by forming a dedicated Implementation and Transition Team to ensure that each client’s financial and accounting projects are delivered efficiently on time on budget, and within scope. The Team ensures project processes and applications are tested before handing the project over to the operations team so that the implementation goes smoothly. The IMS Decimal Implementation and Transition Team continue to follow the progress of the project post implementation, to add an extra layer of reassurance that both the project stays on track and that clients’ expectations are met.

IMS Decimal provides a team of highly trained professionals to its clients, including chartered accountants, ACCA members, ACCA qualified and CPA qualified individuals. They are involved in all IMS Decimal projects from the implementation stage itself and use their knowledge of global finance legislation and customs to ensure that all projects are compliant with local laws.

Clients may rest certain that their business is in good hands owing to the company’s solid internal processes, internationally recognized IT security, and high level of service delivery

The company has a network of local onsite advisors, allowing it to provide flexible and scalable finance outsourcing services to clients all around the world. We understand that security is your first priority. We want to assure you that it is our top priority too. That’s why the entire IMS Decimal adheres to international standards on information security. We also adhere to ISMS 27001:2013, 27701:2019 AND ISO 9001:2015 Clients may rest certain that their business is in good hands owing to the company’s solid internal processes, internationally recognized IT security, and high level of service delivery. The firm has clear communication lines, which aids in responding promptly to the needs of its clients. The IMS Decimal staff of talented finance and accounting specialists is available 24/7, so no matter what time zone their clients work in they can get help. IMS Decimal offers a complete range of financial and accounting services, so whether a customer requires onetime assistance with a unique project or ongoing support, IMS Decimal can assist.

The Road Ahead
Since its inception, IMS Decimal has carved a niche in the market. And as it forges ahead, the firm wants to expand its geographical reach to provide high quality outsourced finance and accounting solutions to businesses all over the world, establish a local presence in major cities and open new service delivery centers in India to meet the demand for its services, and become one of India’s leading finance outsourcing companies. “Our immediate goal is to grow our global footprint and geographic reach. In the long term, we want to continue to build successful and rewarding partnerships with our clients, rather than just being a service provider,” concludes Fenil Shah.