Inscite Advisory: Filling the Void of Affordability for Small Businesses

Mikdad Merchant,Managing Partner

Mikdad Merchant

Managing Partner

While the competition among accounting firms soars, it has become imperative for small firms to not lose the pace in gaining a competitive advantage. Start-ups and SMEs often get stuck in a dilemma over certain financial bottlenecks that requires due diligence in the absence of a skilled CFO. In such cases, the assistance over high level financial and accounting procedures, and better decision making, are some of the prime benefits Virtual CFO services deliver. Today, it has become unavoidable for small businesses to rely on Virtual CFOs for saving resources and streamlining their operations.

The growth of startups and SMEs has primarily fuelled the growth of the financial services sector. Inscite Advisory aims to serve the specific objective in providing high-end CFO and allied services to startups and SMEs, thereby enabling them to afford highly skilled professionals. Its commitment in provisioning highly effective services at affordable rates is contributing to India’s current startup and SME revolution.

Focused on Startups and SMEs
As a virtual CFO provider, Inscite’s role inter alia, is to help take better and more informed decisions. One of the biggest challenges, as
it observes, is the ever changing business, political and compliance landscape in India. The unique blend of team members consisting of Chartered Accountants and industry experts help Inscite to stay ahead of the game, thereby aiding better decision making in the cut throat competition.

CFO services are expensive and hence are out of reach for most of the startups, SMEs and small family owned businesses. Inscite delivers highly flexible engagements that comprise a ‘Pay as you go’ model and Equity based payments, stressing on its tenacious stand to equip everyone with high quality CFO services. The company recognizes a wider scope for CFO services for the better decision making capabilities it offers. Inscite aids the same through budgeting & budgetary control, pricing and costing studies, MIS, and cash & funds flow analysis.

As a virtual CFO provider, Inscite’s role inter alia, is to help take better and more informed decisions

Moreover, it also lends a hand on capital structure studies, process re-engineering for external investors or to ‘go public’, product/services/department wise profitability studies, as well as internal & management audits and reviews. “Multi-disciplinary skill sets come together to make a successful CFO engagement, which ultimately powers the growth aspirations of the client’s enterprise. This assists them in defining business objectives and helps them in developing, maintaining and improving the governance standards”, explains Mikdad Merchant, Managing Partner, Inscite Advisory.

With its unwavering commitment to aim for fruitful results, highly skilled team, flexible engagement models and pricing structures, Inscite has always managed to stay ahead of the curve in the Virtual CFO services landscape. As the Managing Partner, Mikdad cites that the doubling of the company’s turnover on a year on year basis is the testament to the value clients receive from its services. He asserts that continued focus on startups and SMEs is the way forward for Inscite, and it will grow along with the clients to sail through the wave of startup and SME revolution in the country.