Intellect Partners: Ensuring Complete IP Lifecycle Management via Licensing & Patent Monetization Services

Rahul Thukral,  CEO It is well known that patent filing is a territorial aspect and thus, patent filed in a particular country has no effect in a foreign country. Since each country has its own patent laws & procedures that ought to be adhered to, it is indubitably a tedious task for companies to learn those exclusive laws, and accordingly file their patents. This is where the service providers with excellence in patent & trademark law stand as the saviours and handhold these companies throughout the process. One such maven is New Delhi based Intellect Partners that outclasses as a reliable partner of choice for clients poised in US and European landscapes. With profound expertise in US& European patent laws, the firm ensures to support the entire IP lifecycle of the clients through its comprehensive patent research, licensing and monetization services.

In fact, Intellect Partners significantly focuses on patent search services and succours clients in categorizing their patent portfolios through data mining and AI-based advanced tools. Right from patent drafting and grant to monetization, licensing and prosecution, the firm offers end-to end assistance along with
providing provisions for Evidence of Use(EOU)and Claim Chart.

Delivering the Right Intellect
Headquartered in New Delhi, Intellect Partners is headed by seasoned technocrat, Rahul Thukral, who brings in over 10 years of experience of helping NPEs, Corporates and Law Firms with the right strategies for monetize their patent portfolios. Intellect Partners hails core expertise in patent monetization and licensing domain, an attribute instrumental in outshining the firm within the competitive circle. Under its suite of services, the firm offers patent drafting, infringement searches, patentability studies, validity/ invalidity studies, Freedom to Operate(FTO) searches, landscape study, market research and competitive analysis.

Our engineers are equipped with right technology to properly disassemble a particular device,understand its technicalities and working standards, based upon which they give monetization recommendations to clients

Intellect Partners practices reverse engineering and advanced telecommunication testing for substantiating licensing work for electronic, mechanical and computer science technology domain. Explicating Rahul avers, “Our engineers are equipped with right technology to properly disassemble a particular device,
understand its technicalities and working standards, based upon which they give monetization recommendations to clients”.

Maintaining robust client relationships is centric to Intellect Partners’ servicing praxis wherein the firm actively addresses clients in three segments major corporate consortiums, law firms and nonpatent assertion entities. For clients owning huge patent portfolio, the firm offers unparalleled monetization strategies and guidance to help them earn value from existing portfolios. No wonder, the firm’s experts are successful in closing valuable licensing deals with reputed corporations including Facebook, Salesforce, Cisco and Google, amongst others.

Resource, Research, & Results
Deploying right resources, technology and research, Intellect Partners highly leveragesautomated technology, proprietary dashboard tools and AI-driven data mining techniques to offer value recommendations to clients. “We employ a certain mix of automated analysis and manual analysis where the engineers’ expertise is also taken into consideration to provide the final opinion to the client,” asserts Rahul.

Ensuring proper training for its workforce (delivered by US based attorneys), Intellect Partners assures complete data confidentiality and information security and is in the process of attaining ISO 27000 certification. Witnessing a 4x growth in the last fiscal year, Intellect Partners aims at expanding its services in IP segment and specialized drafting services and emerge as a premier firm offering complete patent lifecycle management services.