Investguru: Providing Step-by-Step Financial Advisory for Future Oriented Investment Returns

Pawan Agrawal, Founder

Pawan Agrawal


Many of us fail during unfortunate times to serve our dear ones. Be it child education, fixed return after retirement, or wealth creating assets, we need to plan our financials much ahead of time. Helping you get the most of your investment is Delhi-based Investguru, an online platform juxtaposing several investment options to meet your future financial needs. With the right blend of personalized services and technological convenience, Investguru uses financial planning tools to help clients achieve their goals with the available funds. Pawan Agrawal, Founder, Investguru, asserts, “We create and share customers’ financial plans in simple terms for them to easily understand.”

Investing Wealth Hassle free
With focus on integrity, high performance and consistent investments, Investguru has developed in-house technology to suggest, track and analyze the investment and provide prompt client services. Starting from identification and understanding of clients needs, available funds to invest, preparation of roadmap to meeting the goals, execution of plan and regular monitoring to correct the deviation if any, Investguru's
financial planning services also creates these goals online in the portfolio trackers and link the investment to the clients to enable them to track the real time status of their goals. Periodic alerts, inputs and recommendations to clients further ensure they meet their desired objectives without any negative surprise. To connect clientele investments to future goals, Investguru also connotes mutual fund investments, insurance plans and tax saving products for financial security, wealth creation and preservation entailing efficient returns, transparency, liquidity and and flexibility.

Empowering investors with its investment solutions, Investguru is among the first few companies to embrace MFU as a concept & registering clients with MFU for online transactions

Investment performance is a matter of apprehension for every investor, be it country's local resident or NRI. As many NRIs are uncertain about their future overseas, consistency of returns, flexibility and liquidity of investments, Investguru render its services to NRIs across the world directing them about creation and execution of financial plans, tax efficient investments, policy changes, market outlook and upcoming opportunities. Pawan elucidates,“Our proprietary financial and investment planning tools, analytics and research have not only increased client engagement
and trust, but have also helped our team to increase their efficiency and deliver the promised value proposition to the client”.

Investguru is a registered entity with IRDAI & AMFI and offers products/ services that are regulated by SEBI & IRDAI. Empowering investors with its investment solutions, Investguru is among the first few companies to embrace MFU as a concept & registering clients with MFU for online transactions, thus providing complete control of the investments to the investor and further strengthening advisor-investor relationship. Along with expanding client base through online presence and client referrals, Investguru's flat organization structure encourages the team to work with integrity, dedication and right attitude.

Future Prospects
Growing faster than the industry, Investguru has scheduled plans to commence a new look web portal for investor queries and investment planning this April while also developing a mobile app (the launch of which is due this year). Synonymously, the company aspires to fund the expansion through internal accruals, consolidate its online propositions and upgrade in house technology to enhance client engagement for high performance & consistent returns and over all investor experience, which is already rated 4.2 out of 5 by more than 500 clients. “We are proud to say that we have come so far while retaining our original premise and wish to continue the same thought process, till we exist and serve. What we say is what we do,” concludes Pawan.