IP Moment: Providing Professional IPR Assistance with Personal Touch, Quality & Affordability

Dr.Pareshkumar C. Dave,    FounderIn 1474, a Venetian law endeavored to verify its creations as a patent, permitting an individual the privilege to secure the development out of the blue. From that point forward, Intellectual Property laws have strolled a long stroll, from history till present, to support advancement in various fields and inspire financial improvement. While holding fast to IP laws, exhaustive learning and complete mindfulness are unquestionable requirements, New Delhi-based IP Moment crowns this system as its philosophy to cooperate with customers for IP adherence and gives itemized help at each progression of patent and trademark handling.

Tucked away in 2016 by Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave (Founder) with colleagues Nisha Sharma, Dr. Sunil Patel and Dr. Indira Silwal, IP Moment regards each client as its accomplice and colleague to manufacture long haul commonly helpful associations with them. In addition, IP Moment intently takes a shot at making mindfulness about authorization of protected innovation rights, proceeding with which the firm is propelling its mini pocket book named ‘Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement – State of Affairs Globally”.
Where Client Matters over Cost
What differentiates IP Moment from competitive curve is its best quality services delivered at affordable price scale. Hence is the firm’s motto – quality, affordability and attention, for assuring complete client satisfaction. On the services spectrum, IP Moment provides complete package of IPR services for startups, wherein the firm casts great importance on protection of client’s intellectual property and helps them through the process at minimum cost point. Additionally, IP Moment handholds customers through fund-generation process and assist them closely on how to receive funding for their dream project.

IP Moment pays attention to regulatory compliances and IP acts of variouscountries and owns a highly secure IT system in-house

As IP law adherence requires stringent deployment of rules and regulations, IP Moment pays attention to regulatory compliances and IP acts of various countries and owns a highly secure IT system in-house. Not only does the firm sign data confidentiality agreement with clients, but also maintains similar code of agreement with its team members for protection of client’s information and data. Dr. Pareshkumar adds, “All members of IP Moment share a commitment to provide premium client service while bringing a distinctively high degree of quality, intensity and creativity to resolve legal challenges effectively and cost-efficiently”.
Along with owning close associations with several academic institutes for providing full-fledged IPR consultancy services, IP Moment offers support for networking resources to receive financial assistance from government or private equity funding. Besides, the firm helps clients on patent matters in diverse areas of technology, including business method patents, software & IT patents, electronics, communication and semiconductor patents, mechanical patents and many more. “We have also achieved milestone of securing around 15 U.S. federal trademarks registrations for our single client from U.S.,” exclaims Dr. Pareshkumar.

Innovative Footsteps towards Future Endeavors
So as to have colossal effect on customer’s long haul vision, IP Moment built an innovative product – R&D consultancy and synthetic research administrations, for concoction and pharmaceutical industry. The firm exceptionally consolidates IPR consultancy administrations with lab administrations for taking care of ordinary modern issues and causes them in structure new item portfolio. Moreover, IP Moment is working with QRACE (Quantum Research and Center of Excellence) for investigating Quantum spaces and keeping its group refreshed with most recent advances.

With offices in Mehsana and Guwahati, IP Moment records revenue growth of 18 percent annually and has plans to streamline for international collaborations with China, U.S., and Japan for amplifying business support. The firm is also exploring opportunities to expand roots in the Middle East and Northeast Africa.